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Monday, July 13, 2009

If you are given ONE page to Intro yourself...

Owh well certainly It is REALLY nice to have my busy days coming soon.
After 2 or 3 months of rotting at home though.. starts to feel the sleepless nights and heavy evening trainings...

ANd yea this is the first Assignment to all HBP students.
The instruction was pretty vague i must admit.
All the instructions He gave was just a border, a picture of yours and then few lines to describe yourself.
The result is?

Being different is not always good obviously, but from what i observed is that ALMOST everyone did a square black border, a former picture and then few well arranged written lines..

I guess it is the fact that, I tend to
make simple things complicated, and make complicated things simple.
The instruction was simple, and lecturer quoted.
"The more you ask about the details, the lesser the freedom you get"
so i was figuring out perhaps he wants us to be freestyle and go beyond laws.

I know my writing sucks. If i have one thing to say to all my faculty mates, i would really NOT suggest them to write essays about themselves. It's the same thing behind blogging, precise short details about yourselfs, just nouns and adjectives.

If you see my style, It's point formed , and instead of talking about your family and hobbies, I guess putting up some other part of you will definitely draw readers better.

and if you realise the three pictures i Choose... there are specific choice for it because they generate different impressiom behind each picture, so you don't notice any leisure freestyle camwhore pic of mine =P


On the brighter note! cough cough*
not really, went for my first day athletes training, my senior just killed me with his 10KM record.
How much? 41 minutes. and the record for the champion in interUni games? 35 minutes.
Phew* guess trainings must be a real in thing for me for the next 3 years =P

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