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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hopefully this excitement stays...

Heh world! =)
phew* just a random update!
Awesome! my lecture halls are located just along the super wifi corridor.
The whole campus is wifi though, just here is like super fast..
So basically after asking my lecturers, they don't mind us using laptop during lectures.
I find it easier to type straight into my lappie and print out rather writing...
and i mean that, i could online while in lecture hall toooo!

Tada! my student card! They claim it is possible to use the card to function as ATM card. No idea about it yet though.. and i think it looks nice =) except the bengkak sunburnt face of mine.. -.-..

ANd yea for now, I think i will put my marathon aside but races are still up for me. Most probably join Aiesec and Uni events organizing committee.. those on and off ones.. like the upcoming CONVEX. convocation thing.. it's nice to know different people =) and i guess i will need those activities to secure my hostel for next year accomodation.

hahaha i have to say this but they gave us the impression about being a whole big family. There are like 19 of us chinese architects getting guidance from them. and we will be having a one night away sorta activities with them. owh well, let's just say social contacts plays an important item in HBP Housing Building Planning school..

p/s owh yea time to make more namecards =)


  1. How come your card looks different from the ones I saw? Hmm, nvm, maybe cause i tried peeking at cards hanging around first years' necks hahaha.

    i'll show you my card the next time, then you can laugh at the picture. hahaha.

  2. hahaha cause we have 3 colours? and i took silver haha. yea you must show me! hahha i hate my photo though, so fat and dark looking, like bear only -.-