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Thursday, July 16, 2009

HBP students are unique =P

Heh world =)
Owh man i just have a random shoutout
I love my current Uni life so much! =P
feels such productive and living life to the fullest right now.
Though i felt i did wasted some time with my evening nap...

I love the syllabus I am studying right now...
Economy studies in construction...
Types of construction materials, roofs walls floors foundation blabla..
some critical psychology thinking in construction...

Looks like i did not manage to enter CONVEX... a little disappointing as I kinda really expect to pass through the interview i must admit... and that reminded me when Kak Suriya, my senior said this sweet thing.
"You are one of the rare things in HBP, people always think that HBP students are too busy for anything, but i guess both of us are to prove them wrong =P "
she is truly one amazing woman that amazed me with her involvement into other stuffs.
but heh! I am in architecture stream all right! haha.

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