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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

USM Orientation 2009

Heh World!
Welcome To Penang =)
where whatever you could define here, nice food nice place nice girls nice watever!

Thanks to my uncle who drove me all the way there in weez hour.
Just a fast 3 hours drive.
And the place I will be spending my next 3 years =)
During the First day! Yes crowded of course.
They actually require us to register in the campus and then bus will be provided to fetch whoever and luggage there..

I still look like a SPM student Don't i? =)

Hostel is awesome! got lift leh =p
Anyone who came to RST hostel will surely find the architecture concept is unique in the sense of social contacts. It's like you will arrive your floor, then walk the corridor, then walk down a mini staircase, and there are like 4 rooms and a few bathrooms there. Just like apartment style, just do not have the main door..

And presenting! Tada!
This Room storage is SO MUCH more bigger than my matrics.
2 people per room by the way..
560 ringgit a semester.

and mind you my room is undergoing a rapid change right now
just because I love to adapt to change =p decorations!
But the real good thing about my hostel is that RST hostel blocks are out from USM campus, meaning we could go anywhere without worrying coming back late, there is no curfew! =)

And yea we have been walkin from RST to DTSP for the past few days. Crazy far.
DTSP. The super big auditorium.
Kar Fai sleeping!!!
The View from my room =p
and awesome PPSL assisting our orientation.
Well i must admit their awesome unique personalities =p

and then we had walkrobic, something i did not expect in an orientation.
basically about all hostel doing their cheer and having their own banners.
some sort of small parade la..

Meet KaiNing and Terence!
And Ze Chien from KMJ.
and the very usual Hanif doing his trademark.
Sorry KarFai =p
The quote
1 Siswa 1 Malaysia 1 Inspirasi.
well let me label it as lame.
My Hostel Tekun.
presenting KMM dudes! So many leh =p all same blocks. and 4 of us coursemates.
and china international students presenting their cheer.

and i told you my hostel has nice view =p and really strategic place.

Hanif again -.-
and then desasiswa night makan makan.
and we had landscape project too!

and the best view from USM, from my faculty HBP. jealous eh.
PERFECT couple spot!

and we had an evening playing football with the professors from HBP.

That's It!
Will update more about feelings and unique thing about USM soon =p

SO many things to say la!


  1. omg, u guys walk from rst to dtsp? tats so insane!! last time we stay in IK and its crazy enuf. salute u guys lar. told u. the talk in dtsp ain't fun at all. haha

  2. haha agree agree!
    So called Apex Uni without the bus service during Orientation. Boo! Just too muchhhh Apex talk la, so lame. we have been walking like.. i think 7 times 2 flows edi. haha.

  3. hey man. all the best! guess i wont see u in LYPG anymore... start one in Penang man! lol..

    Lesley, jaga ur junior baik baik... hahaha...

  4. yer!! i want your slr!!! haha...hate you..no la..can i like borrow it for the ko-kum course? cos need own camera for seni fotografi le..hahhahhahhahaha