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Friday, June 19, 2009

When God doesn't answer your prayer..

Thank God for nothing silly mistakes happen with the system last minute...
Looks like one more final week to go =p Need to prepare Documents, get my new IC, collect KLIM shirt which i won't be running, get back my phone which is under repairing..

I was thinking again, all in all God really brought me step by step into his awesome plans..
I visited back my highschool CF today, had a chat with Pn Saik and update with the current committee how CF doing and all.. and teacher mentioned my path taken is "Truly truly a blessing." I noticed how God started to lead me from CF. It was 8 years ago. how i started to know more about myself from CF. and that was when i caught the fire and decided to be a regular youth in DUMC.

I see His amazing plans for me in matrics. I see college students all around from different states gathering in a islam power filled college and trying to start an illegal CF. and I praise God for that, for the unity among christians from different language and dominants to gather in one heart. I thank God the perceptions and experience i have gained in this awkward seemed to place. Praise God for leading me into this less taken road. I truly thank God for opening my eyes to see many great things in mixing with the malays, which i guess many people are still skeptical about it.

And right now, USM. I have always prayed to get UM, so that i could company my mom and be active in DUMC and as well as LYPG here. But again, God proved me wrong. He showed me there is something greater in USM awaiting for me. And yes surprising till now, NOT A SINGLE person has mentioned to me about rejecting USM and try for UM. Truly God's Plan.

SO you see.. the fact is that, you do not blame for God not answering your prayers, but behind his ideas, no matter how suck, the brighter side is always the brightest =)

And one more week time to see His wonderful plans ahead for me in a new environment, new network, new charkueyteow! hah! =p

EXCITING. Praise God.


  1. HE sure will plan for you the best.
    can I wish you "GOD BLESS YOU" even though I'm not a christian?

    All the best in USM!! :)

  2. Haha why not?
    But from I see from your blog, you are one i think =p

    Thanks loads sis =)

  3. thanks for sharing your testimony here :) It's very inspiring to read about God's work and what's more, the faith His servant has in Him. I wish you the best with your uni life (It's fun! must go enjoy it!!) May you continue to grow in His light and shine for Him also! *hugs*