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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Virtual Technology pulling us apart. How?

Hello world =)

Somehow I was wondering the social world is not getting better with social technologies like facebook and sms and all. It's just the so called virtual communication that will certainly build a gap between human relations when reality comes in.
The reality social world isn't that open anymore, particularly in mostly malaysians I guess? I mean its all right if we approach and get to know each other in conference or any similar events in the doings. But what if I just walk to you somewhere on the street and started talking to you? Feeling weird? Why?
I refer to what SoonKit posted in FB,

Techonology bring those further apart closer, and it brings those closer further apart

The world has really changed.. we tend to think online social networks like this and Fb help us speak and express, but in reality, not really.

On a random note, I suddenly thought that having my own namecards will be definitely helpful for my USM orientation. Reasons?
  1. People do not tend to remember my confusing name in the beginning, having a namecard will help them?
  2. I guess it's rare for people to receive namecards at this orientation and will keep it instead to the rubbish bin. On the other side in conference and working life, namecards are most likely to be in the drain when so many namecards appear in exchange.
  3. Expand my contact networks for a better involvement in USM activities, namecards will have basic stuffs like mail add, contact, and so on.
  4. People will have better impression of you? =)
  5. It is not that expensive... and now i plan to print my own =.=
  6. and often I randomly meet new people in whatever stuff , just anywhere on the street, this will help me to save my time la.
  7. But It's not like people say Hi then I boast them the card la, just for several events which i will really consider of giving duh...

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