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Saturday, June 20, 2009

To my Cellgroup Buddies..

Yea as you can see from the title above, I guess you have the hint what I am about to write in this weird hour..
It's very exciting, to see God's plan working so awesome and surprising. and yea so of course i will share it to my beloved Cg =)
Let me start the story then =)

Guess most of you all know that I went to Malacca Matriculation College last year and came back just 2 months ago. Going to a Matriculation College is usually a taboo i must admit, to most people perhaps? Imagine your the only chinese in the whole class, the only chinese in the volleyball team. But God showed me a whole new world, that many unexpected plans ahead of you to put it into a history making moment.

It's awesome to see Christians across the peninsula malaysia from different states races dominants to form an illegal cf together. And it's more exciting to see a local church in the small town supporting us by financially and spiritually.
And nothing beats the feeling going to church together on sundays with all college friends, simply because the college was so islam filled sorta.. Truly a blessing, unexpected plan from God..

And so after that, Uni life. I guess i told some of you I have been praying to get UM architecture, which is just so near to DUMC you all knew that. But stuffs changed.. again. God showed me that there is another greater unexpected path awaiting for me up in the north. And yea I got USM architecture. To be honest, leaving DUMC is not something nice at all.

Even though one year of not attending cellgroup for my studies in malacca, i could tell you every saturday I felt like I was attending the CG meetings haha. Simply the meaning that You guys are always in my heart. ANd a week ago, I was wondering that i should start to search a church to settle down in my next 3 or 5 years.. and pastor foo mentioned this "penang ar! a lot of good churches wan... "
ANd i must tell you, I see how God is leading me right now.

One day, there is this senior student from USM came across my blog, and so we began to chat and all and I asked her about the local church. And guess what, she, Lesley, is one of the active CF member there and said there is this local church ECPP http://www.excelpoint.org/ just beside my hostel walking distance. And the great thing is that they even provide transport from our hostel to their church! and there is around 30 USM students currently joining their cellgroup.

And another great thing is that! she directed me to campus advisor Florence just few minutes ago. and she mentioned about attending 12th MCCC in DUMC and told me that EPCC has the same DNA with DUMC that is cell church. ANd as soon as i found out their church website, my heart leaps already.

ANd the greater thing is that! imagine not yet attending the church service or stepping into the church and we start talking about the possibility of serving in Excel P.A.W Praise and worship. Awesome! Thank God! It's just so welll plan! I have not even step into my campus or the church and those things about CF and church and people over there are already in my contacts. Praise God!

Truly truly an amazing plan!

p/s i have another mail to write after this, just for u guys =)

Your bro in christ!

I have not left c2 or xyz, like how i have felt for last year,
Even though i am physically gone,
God's presence will always link us together in one big body of christ, prayer will keep us forever, tight!


  1. Hey Harn. I'm wondering if the Lesley u mention is in USM architecture course currently? First year? Going into 2nd?

    Anyway, congratulations! Welcome to the architorture family. And usually, archi students love photography as well. and so, i think u r on the rite track. haha...

  2. heh heh! =) yea i met her! and got contact to the church there yea!
    haha thanks, i bet I would need some nescafe for sleepless nights!

  3. lol. at times only red bull can help.