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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tekun Hostel!

This is some random photos for the Hostel I am about to stay in 2 weeks after this...

But yea only if I am active enough and deserve enough to grab the Room again for my 2nd and 3rd years.

and yea not that bad at all as most Penang views offer 3 in 1 view, Hill-ground-sea.

and this is a picture around the HPB Housing Planning Building Fac. Nice leh =p

And just another few pictures of my google earth.
Teco just walking distance!! And i can climb into the forest hills which surrounding the hostel blocks =p

And it is not that far from Penang Bridge...

And given 3 years to explore finish Penang Island sounds quite promising..

And the price behind it?
540 ringgit for per sem.


  1. haha... i saw my hse building on the last second n third pic...

  2. heh lee hua! haha i see! eh you have got to tell me more about you then =p
    so are you back in penang? lol.

  3. ok ^^
    ya i came back penang island after MYC...
    bcoz i;m study lower6 currently...