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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So what about the 6 months...

Heh world =)

As most of you know i guess... yea just came back from Singapore.. With nothing much being bought back, simply just the Sales mention is not just a sales. I will blog about that soon too though...

Visiting my aunt in Singapore is not the main idea, and i was thinking to study more about their country actually.. and i came out with a conclusion that i would really love visiting there but definitely not getting a permanent residence there =p


I was thinking... " here we go again, another half year gone"
"I believe that the only way to measure the growth within you is to review your resolutions and see where you are heading and how you would want to drive it better"
And so I decide that i must have quarter themes too...
appearently.. they are January to March=> Not walking the talk, but running it instead.
and april to June => Quarter of Outreaching..

There are some of the thoughts i had beginning of the year...
  1. Master my acoustic guitar( im still not good at tabs, plucking and muting strumming i think im on the top form i can, owh and ya chords varieties still lacking) I guess i have improved a little, but must learn more current songs to pick up listeners.
  2. Sports, at least 5 international, national open marathon races. Sorry only one, and 4 more to go.
  3. Bible,i dont plan to read the whole bible finish, but i wanna do my devotion constantly pls! obviously another hard one.
  4. I need to study hard for my 2nd semester result to get into UM for Architecturecourse. I got USM architecture happy! CANCELED
  5. I wanna be active in serving DUMC, serving God's Kingdom. Sorry DUMC, looks like i will set into a new church soon.. CANCELED
  6. I wanna gain contacts from everywhere, not by facebook but by going various youth conference. So far doing so good.
  7. I wanna repair my lacking personalities before really going after a girl x) laughz* now i realise there is no such thing as "repair"
  8. If something impacts me, i promise myself that i will impact it back more than what it has given me This totally rocks

But somehow i realise i have an issue to cope on with the current quarter, out of sudden MYC has really exposed me to just too much people... Like what many people could think about me, I am good in settling into a new environment and gaining contacts, but maintaining contacts is a little struggle..

And so i would need to think the next quarter theme end of this month =) overall happy!

and looks like the post MYC syndrome in facebook is yet to be over.. -.-

So wanna bite it off la =p
but yea i kinda browse through people's photo and i love this shot of mine =)
Cannot stop me from thinking MYC eh? lol!

2.5 more weeks to USM!
Could see how God would want to use me like how He did during my college years... =)

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