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Friday, June 5, 2009

MYC Day 1 and 2

Hi comrades!

yea guess it's rare for me to leave this blog for 5 days..

Some stuffs that i would want to do before i go to USM...
  1. Get my new IC? 18+ years old plus super worn out IC already...
  2. Prepare for Gamuda Interview...
  3. Am going singapore  Tomorrow!!!
  4. Sunway Lagoon with matric mates?
  5. Prepare USM entrance documents...
  6. TRY to write an evaluation for MYC?
Anyways a few things that happened last 5 days.....
I rejected UNITEN offer for Civil Eng.....
I accepted USM Architecture in Penang...
I got into the final round of interview for Gamuda...
I still have 3 more weeks to enjoy KL life...

and the very special week that made the miracle =)


Not sure the exact figure number of delegates though,
But we have 9 International delegates though...
and 20+ from indonesia..

At the Recycling collection factory...

and  not forgetting square dancing the way of Aiesec =p

And yes it's Gladys my 8 years friend?
Surprisingly bump into her in MYC!

and not forgetting the very sweat driven OCs.
yea the backbone behind the conference!

hahaa only if i was one year older and could join you awesome peepz =)

And Facis in the house yo! 
all around  the globe!

Kaiser> Amanda> Karen=)

and the only picture of me that i could steal for now =) 
and Thanks to Kim Fan who came along!

Visit to organic farm =)

And something about MYC...
the WISH box...

and the GOSSIP Box.. =p

And also the sugar Cubes which I do not have the pictures yet.

and Iris!!! Canadian born South Korean? Awesome x)

ANd yea Hitz fm  came to visit!

Lila, Faci from Indonesia as the punisher for late comers =)

and not forgetting someone  a little inspiring for me. 
which is same age as me?
and one of the OCs,
Sister Lim Sin Ying.
Love your chinese name la!

Day 3 4 5 to gooo...

and somehow It's real way out of expactations to 
see me as the best male delegate of MYC =)

p/s      and it is this girl that makes me realise that the moments i only cry is only the moments i feel the empathy for others, not the moment I am mistranslated or over pressured, because that never happens. and certainly this shows I have feelings for others also ma..

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