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Friday, June 26, 2009

July's resolution!

Heh World!
Of course I will miss so many people la!
But not missing out this important individual!
=p Just so cute ok!!!
Not failing to cheer me up every single day!

I wonder if he has the "the quest to escape" when I'm gone =p

Anyways, on a bottom tone, I wouldn't be attending KL marathon.
But the shirt is awesome!!!

and they have some sort of mini bagpack for us too.

And so i guess, it's time to embark a new journey =)

I am a little paranoid when it comes to packing things.
especially right now I am heading up in penang and afraid things left behind.
4 more hours to go!
still checking around for forgotten items..
Of course I look to have extra loads la, my camera bag and guitar.

All right, since July is up in the next few days.
Time to get a new list of resolutions specially adapted to university life.
  1. Get connected with Christian fellowship in USM
  2. Get connected with the new church EPCC
  3. Get involved into a CG and mix well.
  4. Get involved in Aiesec in the early stage.
  5. Find the Bus terminal
  6. Time to train for Penang Bridge marathon which happens on my Bday.
  7. Go Bukit Bendera for photography.
  8. Get to know all my coursemates, there are only around 50 of them i guess.
  9. And following to the theme of appreciation this quarter year, Mailing back to my friends should be my effort =) real tough effort. hopefully people will reply.
  10. Hmm... spot the best CharKueyTeow place...
  11. Hmm! spot lengluis!
  12. Try to get a spot for orientation performance or some sort...
Surprising I am not really excited, perhaps I have known some people and the contacts over in Penang already =) But God knows what surprises awaits me =)


  1. and don't forget to update your blog when u can ok ;-) All the best!

  2. u have so much things to bring over. WOW!! haha all the best. looking fwd to meet u!! =)

  3. i have been to USM a few times, I am glad that you join the Christian Fellowship there. Take care brother:)

  4. lesley> hahah saw you! cute blur looking la you =P

    Gine> hahha i think i update it more often compared when i was at home haha.

    Yoon See> heh thanks! =P actually still deciding if should join. wow you have a high hit blog. haha