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Monday, June 15, 2009

I will only be starting work in my 30s... -.-''

YEs you got it right,
That is what happens IF I'm so happen to accept Gamuda's scholarship,
Here is the time frame...
20-22 First degree in USM
Then take first part professional exam
23-25 Serve Gamuda for the 3 years.
26-27 Continue my double degree
take second part professional exam
28-29 Industrial training
Final professional exam to get registered architect title.

SO It's soooo late!!! I plan to get married by 27!
Tried negotiating with the HR department but seems that i must work with them after my first degree in USM if i got offered. And my tuition fees per year is just 1400 ringgit which that is not a reason to apply for gamuda scholarship. BUt the opportunity to work with them is a privilage.
Anyways, Interviewers were Datuk Chew as a CEO from Litrak corporate, Professor Mudammayah from Uitm lecturer who appears as an Angmo =.=, Mr Godframe as an ex president from Kiwanis something like that.

Among the questions?
Tell me the population of malaysia.Tell me the town development of Gamuda.what do you think about public and local uni..
I think there are high chance for me to get though.. 30 out of 54 candidates, which are shortlisted from 300+.
and sadly i doubt i will be accepting it.

ANyone has any non bond scholarships to suggest?

Still have IGB and TanjongPLC scholarships on pending though...


  1. Take the scholarship. In this economy and in architecture it is hard to find jobs that will give you design experience. Even if you are a budak in a design team it still looks good on your cv. Plus ppl with work experience will get more out of 2nd degree. JMT.

  2. Hi thanks lotz for your precious view. I will see what will bumps into my future! but everyone wants to get their AR title asap right? I mean i definitely want it la. thanks again!