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Sunday, June 14, 2009

10 subjects as a Limit for SPM

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I am referring this post to article written in "Let's Hear It" in today's StarEducation.
Under the title of Be flexible and fair, we could see that this writter is not happy with the latest decision from the MOE to limit the maximum subjects of SPM to 10.. and this is my reply.

I think the idea is good but several ideas have to be implemented too to work it along.
  1. Putting 10subs is definitely a headache for most of us KL PJ and other cities elite students because we would want to take extra subjects to excel we all know that. However the point i see is that we are just so focus in the academic world, one thing i learn from my singapore trip is that the Government has always encourage the students to blend into talent search classes. What about here? Most of us are just so into the tuition culture right now! I hate it so much for the time we waste in tuition we could find so many things we are actually really good at. Putting this subjects into limit will definitely encourage us to excel more on non academics.
  2. BUT, on the other hand the MOE must ensure that there is no more graph lowering thing. I find this just too lame. Papers are just so easy already and yet MOE will pull down the passing line graph to make it look nicer. After the limitations of 10 subs, students are definitely searching for more competition in the 10 subs, so give real hard ones la!
  3. And PLEASE make english subject a compulsory to pass, I have always wonder why is there a 1119 paper? It simply means that our Malaysian english paper is just way too easy and so the same goes to the marking system. and even if our students could not pass in this, I do not know how are we going to excel to be a first world country vision.
  4. If you think that 10subs is hindering your capability to perform better, then prove yourself is good at other stuff! Getting a 21As in SPM is just so not proving anything, just nothing! and if you invest your time to excel in a sports and get a title or what, now that is something! I will rather go take the time learn extra language for my future career benefits..
  5. STOP being skeptical for this will spoil Malay language or whatever, that will be the most funniest statement ever in my view. China's main language is mandarin, however they are improving so fast in their english usage, a very sharp contrast to 10 to 20 years ago. Same happened here! More than 50 years ago when learning english was truly a respect but now what? A reason why Singapore emerged as a first world country is because of its cosmopolitan identity by the usage of english.
  6. Little did we know that actually most government school is lacking of teachers. and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin stated this idea will help to overcome the lacking of teacher problem and I seriously hope this is not his main shortcut motives for it.
  7. and bear in mind that this step is to response the need for a fairer PSD scholarships, which i think it's crucial that many people wondering why 9A1 people get scholarship while a 13As cant get, confusing right?
All in all, I know it is hard for MOE to find a suitable plan to stimulate any of its decision too. With so many different personalities across malaysia and some from bad english education background, so this really takes time.. So you could not just expect the MOE to suit you in every way! Singapore is different, they are a small country, implementation of plans could be done in several years while ours is nearly a decade..

One thing I am afraid for Malaysia is that whenever a nationwide change has been made, it takes time for the people to adapt, because of its large area and slow implementation and most of the time is that.. not all the people has adapted to the new idea before a newer ones come in.

p/s It's quite painful actually to see the idea of using BM or english to be the teaching medium floating for years...

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