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Saturday, May 23, 2009

When Stars put Their Fame into Good Will..

"When it comes to winning with People, everything begins with the ability to think about people other than ourselves" John C Maxwell

Let's put Hollywood aside and see how many Famous Stars actually use their Fame for good.
"I remember one of the most upsetting times in my life was after I had attained success, financial stability and I was in love, and I thought, ' I have everything that they say you should have happy but I am not Happy' " Jolie
Meet, Angeline Jolie, *owh goodness she's hot la ok! Yes bet her Name has been heard by flips.
But how many of us know what else does she do besides the Hollywood World?

Many of us know about her Fame in the movie sector, but how many knows that She is actually listed by Worth Magazine has one of the top twenty five most influential philanthropists?
Why? She estimates that she gives almost a third of her income to charity!
"You could die tomorrow and you have done a few movies won some awards-that doesn't mean anything. But if you've built schools or raised a child or something better, Life is better"
It all started when the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees asked her to become a goodwill ambassador in 2001, and certainly she sees life as a bigger picture from them. An estimated of $3 Million has been donated by her to help refugees and orphans. 

So you see something else special in her? =)

I guess there are plenty other people who has done the same, but Jet Li is certainly someone everyone would love to know about =p

Jet li did it with an extra mile by starting One Foundation

The foundation's four pillar of focus are education, Health, Environment and Poverty.
The difference is that Jet Li is taking his efforts to work along with other similiar operations, such as the Red Cross Society of China.
It all started with the awareness of rising disaster cases in China.

The main tagline is this..... 1 person+ 1 dollar + 1 Month = 1 Big Family.

"There is only ONE earth, Each of us has only ONE Life. We share the planet and that makes us ONE big global family. By helping others, we are helping ourselves." Jet Li

So, the main point about this post is, have you really get the Big Picture of life
Are you willing to just let go your extra wealth for something impactful unto other people lives?

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