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Friday, May 29, 2009

USM architecture.. To accept or not?

So i guess.. the scary thing just happened.
I could not go for KL Marathon 2009 now..
I could not go for LOUD in DUMC around July now..
I would need to miss my Cg for 3 years...
I would miss Aiesec UM and UPM...
I would miss joining CF in UM..
I would need to retire from KL LYPG...
I would need to miss my fully furnished Ikea room..

All just because..
I think I will be accepting USM offer to me..

Bachelor of Architecture at USM main campus on penang island. Benefits? APEX UNiversity Title. which I just need to pay 1.4k per year for tuition fees while others are sponsored by government, so I doubt i will need any scholarship then. Wasted my 4 scholarships Applications. On the other Hand, Penang hot girls and hot food? =p and remembered I blog about reasons why I shall not go USM? I guess I will pull back my words then..

Looks like many of my friends got it as well..

Choudry congratz on your dentistry...

Suresh congratz on your mechanical engineering..

CHee Kong and pearl congratz on Getting medicine..

Zhi Ling, KaiNing, Grace congratz on getting Architecture.

So these are the few KMMs la =)

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