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Monday, May 11, 2009

USM Architecture Interview 09!

Random pictures!First of all, not to boast, but this certificate is definitely the nicest one among all the marathon races i have participated! =)

Larian Bersama Bomba 2009..
ANd it's truly one of the hardest race, insane sloppy landscape race ever. Told you my clocking time was disappointed. haha. Owh well who loves to run on KL highways anyways...
and kenyaians dominate the champions position again...

I blame my failure on my MP3 =p somehow realise it is hard for me to stabilise my footsteps even though the music made me feel good.

So yea the next big race to look forward for =)
Anyone else joining?

And i promise myself not to get powerbars anymore =p found that normal bananas are more effective. lol. And these are expensive stuffs wei! or perhaps myself that don't really know how to use it.
And yea i rushed to Penang after that for a night stay and then off to USM interview..
and thanks to my Uncle who just takes only 3.5 hours drive from KL to Penang. And yea i must admit that i am phobia with his driving ever since.. like 170km/h all the way? owh yea i love Peugeot cars =)

He drove a Peugeot 308 Turbo series.. 1600cc and he can catch up a 3000cc BMW just because of the Turbo.and he mentioned it's market value is 120+k, i think it is not that expensive afterall.

and yea could see how much we have done to mother earth, i forgot which highway was this, but definitely the destruction of mine hills could be seen..

And yea welcome to Penang!

USM is nice! Totally love the night scene of it, much more better than UM and UPM, somehow felt the place more comfortable, it's like UM too, middle in the city, but in other way, it is not that crowded structured like UM but something like UPM, very wide and freely feeling.

And yea we were given a briefing and i felt it's kinda ridiculous when one of the professors said that there were 1000+ applied for Architecture itself, and 180 of them were shortlisted (including me) and then only 60 will be chosen. 1000 is wayyy manyyyy..

Met a variety of people, people from A levels, STPM, polytechnics, and matriculation.. So diverse. and it started off with the first task, 

"You are to sketch a 3-dimensional image of what you think would be the most suitable architectural landmark on an island. The island is located on the right side of Penang Bridge as you Approach USM. Your sketch proposal should reflect your sensitivity to current issues pertaining to the environment"
Makes you go =.=.. and only 45 minutes given, anyways i drew it by using pokok pinang as a symbol la, combining the wind turbine renewable energy sorta, while rotating the flower shape tower, i think i manage to get the message across, but sketching was a mess. 

There you go, the designing studio i assume? Sitting with me are my college mates, the whole bunch of them who applied all the Architecture course in all Local universities.

Then there goes the Interview sessions.

And it was a crazy one. 3 malay panels, and the lady that bombarded me with so many questions. Besides the explanation on your ideas of your drawing and interest and all, they emphasised a lot on general knowledge, like what did Najib say on His first UMNO assembly speech, the three main points of it.. =.=. 

And then basic questions la, who are the Head architects of Petronas Twin Towers and KLIA, the reason for the design, what about the current building technologies that enable greater building height buildings to be built =.="

I think i did OK la overall, just lose out in General knowledge i guess, and besides that, communication should be all right as everyone is laughing and smiling. and yea adrenaline still goes that fast when it comes to interview until today... 

Well It's OVER! 
and i am not putting high hopes at all, that's the best way la,
Sweeter results comes unexpected =)
and will be praying for this!


  1. Hey. I kinda came across your blog when I googled USM interview for medicine. Haha I know weird since yours was architecture. But my God, seriously they actually asked general knowledge questions? My interview's like this week on Sunday. So thanks for the heads up, I'll prepare myself for that part. All the best to you aye! God bless. Man I might actually miss church for this interview..
    Keep in touch!

  2. Hi hi there.. erm your is medic so I have no comment or advise la on what they might be asking.. and great your interview is so late.. and you are from KML! Hate that college for beating us in KAKOM =.= hmph. owh well all the best in your interview.. They would want to see how aware are you overall, and perhaps your exposure in medical field? sorta..