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Sunday, May 31, 2009

USM apologises for technical glitch over admission.

GEORGE TOWN: A technical blunder on Universiti Sains Malaysia’s (USM) official website has created confusion among 4,574 students about their eligibility to enter the university.

And USM deputy vice-chancellor (Academic and International Affairs) Prof Ahmad Shukri Mustapa Kamal apologised unreservedly for it. The students, who had received offer letters via soft copies on the website, were left disappointed when they were told of a technical mistake by USM.

The university had wrongfully uploaded all the names, together with 3,599 successful applicants, on the website.

Prof Ahmad Shukri said that about 8,000 students had pre-qualified for the university from a total of 22,000 students who had applied to enter USM. READ MORE HERE.....

However, the most suspicious thing is that, according to sin chew newspaper, 90% of those 1300 rejected people are chinese. All right that is definitely something fishy and suspicious. and what Prof. Ahmad Shukri said is just "technical error".

Phew* feel really blessed right now as I am not affected. I wouldn't know how frustrating it will be when you are settled down and preparing your plans ahead and suddenly there is a U turn forcing you back..

So once again...

I will be missing.
.. my Mom, my sister, my relatives, my church DUMC, my 3 years crush, KLPJlypg, great bunch friends here, my Ikea furnished room...

I will be bringing
... my HAMSTER!!! which i brought back from malacca college (man first hamster to travel west coast?), my new DSLR, the same DIY stuffs which i had used in my college. my same 7 years old guitar, and get a bike soon to explore the place, the inspiration to be a good testimony there, a high expectation to involve in a competitive level, an expectation to meet great inspiring people across globe..

I shall find
... church to settle down there... serve in the worship ministry... some marathon enthusiastic people to join Penang Bridge marathon.. Good food, good places to lepak! hot girls =p More chance to travel north, langkawi, perhaps go visit USM kelantan campus... or who knows i could just go Thailand anytime? =p

And yesh I shall start gaining some contacts right now through blogs and whatever I could do with the Internet =p

p/s this month is truly a blessing...even though is the most not productive month in my life



  1. hey. i cannot post a comment on ur very newer post lah. so i happen to post here. since encik google kindly introduce u to me, pelisss answer my Qs lah. lol. im applying for archi usm. i need some tips on the interview. how many test will they be conducted? drawing, aptitude? last yr, how many the total of students coming for interview? and how many got selected? ty!

  2. Hey! hmm i suppose that you had the munsyil test for entering? and if you pass means you got shortlisted for interview.. the interview was asking you to design a building upon arrival of penang bridge of some sort.. then they will interview you and ask whywhywhy and other related things =) hmmm sorry forgot but there was 50 archi averagely. just try your best! it aint hard just because it is apex. =)