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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Blog Fever....

I must stop the outbreak of Non-Stop-Blogging Flu....
It does not spread, it just stays in me! =) haha.
Anyways, yea i have to stop being so blog minded and start to face more of the outside world..

What CherLinn said quite true, waa unbeatable la you, everyday one post,
Truth to be told, during my post spm holidays i spilled this blog with 3 posts a day.
That is how insane, and What wendee says about me is stone striking true, i am easily enthusiastic thus i almost blog about everything that comes into my life, but you notice no emo stuff la...

So yea i must stop putting blog as my 'homework' and turn my face to something more useful..
But blog hooping is useful i find! Contacts are important ma... na excuse*

Anyways i will be off to KL tomorrow, just to collect my Larian Bomba shirt and go to Low Yat to survey for DSLRs.. owh well! off to go!

You know.. Sometimes i think..
Everyone is a Motivator, in their very own unique way.
Even an emo person is a motivator, through what i define la..
If you see how it balances all the thoughts around the social network, it is true. =)

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