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Friday, May 15, 2009

May 7 to replace May 13..

Ming Ren "Politics is so fun"
Me  " I think Malaysia's politics is the best to be studied =p not only got dramas ar! got episods!! Miss one day is like missing the whole drama! " bwahaha..

Here is one of the drama..

And more of it!

 Hee Yit Fong did a terribly mistake, looks like lots of people are suspecting that there is a bribe involving her.. owh well, disappointment to chinese they say it as..
Betrayal to DAP?

I guess after march 8 the 'political tsunami' last year, Malaysians have put the 40 year history of 'may 13' back, as the new image of may 7 of Perak Speaker V.Sivakumar physically dragged out of the Assembly..

Truly a drama.. Childish one?

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  1. it's a circus! britney spears is their ambassador btw.