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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Matriculation PSPM2 Result and Worship Central!

Hi peepz!
ahha actually i know not that many people read my blog also la..

So yea to all Matriculation Batch 2008/2009, results for PSPM2 can be checked here

So yea praise God i got 3.89 overall.

Even though myself has been hoping for another 4 flat and that's the maximum.
But i guess it doesn't really matter as most of my choices chosen are interview based..
Which the first semester result was the one to determine it, so yea thank God.
Just hopefully i will do well in Gamuda interview on Thursday and stop distracted by poor result after effect. haha.

I did my best though i think. But certainly, i advise myself, that putting laptop away for the last month just to focus on exam is not my thing. I did that, and i guess it's the factor to lead me to boredom and ending up moodless to study. So next time, when exam comes, i shall do laptop gamings till all day too. and i believe i could study more by then. =)

I went toooo...

And yea proudly enough to be in my church, muahhaha.
Expected many more people to turn up though as we have 4k capacity.

Sorry for lousy camera phones but!

ANd TIM HUGHES!!! and humble Sarah Low. haha.
Well shall await for Christina's pictures on Fb. =p

What i could say is that.. phew* long time didnt have such awesome worship..

Signing off* my hamster is super fat laaaa... =)

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  1. i love the first pic..cool shot with the guitar, keyboard and laptop..you at work i assume? haha.. look like a composer..haha... anyways.. all the best to the interview..and you use a dell inspiron?! nice...you never told me that.. ahaks..