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Monday, May 4, 2009

Ipoh StarWalk 2009!

If you have seen page M9 in the Star yesterday's,
Most probably you have spotted Ipoh Starwalk 2009 participation Form!
It is on June 21, Stadium Indera Mulia.
Totally not promising if i will be going, accomodation and transport need to be thought,
Their participants last year were as many as 6k people though! wow!
rm12 participation fees, Free shirt la of course, but i don' t have the info about the distance though.

On the other brigher note! I went google earth around Malaysia, went to Ipoh at first to search where the venue is, and after that, i went around major towns in each states for a brief bird eyeview, and kind of notice i have not been travelling around malaysia besides KL and Malacca perak.. i shall explore eastcoast perhaps?

And another thing i discover about Google Earth!

There is a flight simulator la! so canggih! you can even choose which aircraft and which airport you would want to fly off. But dont have KLIA pulak.
Once i thought of enrolling into MAS pilot school,
but when i touch this simple 'simulator'.. guess what..?

I think i would need to buy insurance first...
And this is the lamest part la, 'you have crashed your flight'
This is dedicated to Lim Wendy! to show where her house is! owh yea even the coordinates also have, altitude too! waa!

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  1. How do you know where I live? So scary la = =

  2. Guess what? i went to google 'Lim Wendy's house address" and i got it x)

  3. mangkuk! i dnt believe u. and my name is not even wendy. haha

  4. pinggan! NO one believes that la.. hahaha. You told me personally last time in KMM library =)