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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Love June =)

It's not a person's name la.
Yes It's Month of June! 
The year of 2009 has come to the checkpoint for resolutions.
And yes June is pretty happening for me I guess?

June's Resolutions...
  1. Read finish 3 books..
  2. Try to write a song for LOUD 2009 to perform..
  3. Train hard for KL marathon.. last minute training =p
  4. Watchout for HSBC and Litrak scholarships.
  5. Play till the max because it's my last month holiday!!!
Will be off to Balik Kampung for Cousin's Wedding!
Then off to MYC 2009! 1-5 woohoo!
and attend the 13th MCCC hosted by DUMC on the 6 and 7.
Then off to Singapore Great Sales!
And then settle doing prepare for University.

Other events?
Bloggers "k"arnival - 20 June @ Jaya 33
KL Marathon - 28 June
and yes LOUD is coming soon!

p/s Life goes on if there hope is vanished still.. just imagine living in world without colours, just black and white, you still go on right? My sis always describe life as a big canvas to be coloured, But you must know some people do not have the paint brush to do so, YOU HAVE IT, SO DO IT.

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