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Friday, May 8, 2009

Got shortlisted for USM Interview...

"Sila Hadir temuduga Program Seni Bina pada 11 Mei 2009 (8.00pg) bertempat di Dewan Kuliah B (Bangunan E48) Pusat Pengajian Perumahan, Bangunan 7 perancangan, 11800 USM, Pulan Pinang, Sila bawa sijil asal/berkenaan/hasil kerja lukisan/portfolio dan peralatan melukis"

The first thing i got this sms i was like, owh goodness, i am befuddled. It is on Monday 8 morning! hello! Meaning i need to get up to penang around Sunday! and i only get this sms few minutes ago?!? Transportation and Documents not 100% sure with yet. And talking about Portfolio and Art folios, it is possible to do 10 sketches per day though, so i shall do it tonight..

And the thing is that on Sunday i have Marathon in the morning la doink.... and its Mother's day! owh man! and the marathon is awaited for months =.=.. and need to travel down to penang..

I do not want to think whether there is the possibility of me getting into USM and which Uni i will choose (UM or USM) if i got both. Just for now, i am going to give my best for the interview. 
And yes i shall stay there for a few days to travel around Penang =)

But if i get USM penang la.. i guess i will go for it..pray la..

p/s Anyone has a better suggestion to improve first impression? Besides additional recommendation letter and some awesome art sketches folios.. anything else? Don't say about building Model, people take at least a month to do that =p

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