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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gamuda Scholarship Interview 09' & Uni application...

So guess most of you people know that 2nd phase of UPU and USM application have opened...
Just a click link for you if you need =)
and yesh just to tell you what i've chosen for the choices.

UPU Application Website..

.USM Application Website

And yes Gamuda Scholarship Interview 09' was Awesome!
First Group Interview I have been so far,
and also first Interview that gave me the privilage to have some sort of Live Chatting session with the Executives here..
But I am afraid i was being too comfortable at that time,

Gamuda Headquarters, Damansara Jaya,
and you will notice actually the whole area has it's Chain companies..

Owh and they did ask us to write an essay, any essay!
And i guess i should have written something which there will be more solid facts to spill off,
Should write about stuffs like.. 'If i am the Minister of Education.." or 'Definition of Race' or "youths 50 years ago and today",
Instead of "Political Dramas today shouldn't affect our Younger Generation's Patriotic Heart",
that might be silly i know, I had lotz to voice out, but I could have written a better one...

Anyways! picture to tell!
Of course i have met awesome people there!
ANd i guess i was the youngest..

Monica briefing us about the essay =)
Meet Morthi at the far right =) sorry don't know spelled correctly or not*

And then Beng Wai the straight As scorer in STPM =.= owh no!!
and at the far left, Malani? (again uncertain name)

I am not putting much hope on this Interview anyways,
There will be another round of Interview again before deciding the scholars.
ANd it was mentioned that out of 300 applicants, they shortlisted 100 people for this week interview.. and then again they shortlist around 60 people, then they choose 30 people...
Shall continue to apply for IGB and TanjongPlc.

Meet the UTM gang, excluding me and BengWai.
Yesh so many UTM diploma students applied for Gamuda for degree scholarship and no idea of the mysterious phenomenon. =)

And anyone else using GoldWave composer programme? Need a little sample and lessons. haha.

Signing off!

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  1. goldwave composer programme? are you composing music? haha...i think you can find tutorials online ler..