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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From May13 to 1Malaysia.. How?

From May13 to 1Malaysia,
A DAP leaders  speech
can truly understand why DAP has such perpetual endearment
bet you will laugh along while watching this video too! =p

40 years ago, people are fighting on the street,
40 years from then, look at the scenario now?
Are the debates over justice are done?
Do we really have all parties to be multiracial?
or you think everyone is still racist after the long history?
Whatever you think.. whatever you see and heard,
It doesn't matter,
but what matters...
It's just whether you as a MALAYSIAN,
as a younger generation,
are you even trying to put your finger to make a change?
Being a History Maker?
or are you just running away cowardly?

Many things i have learnt from DAP, of course BN wouldn't reveal some dirty little secrets,
but the critics will definitely will, and a whole lots of them is available in their homepage.
Yea i have linked almost all of their leaders' blogs and also the homepage...

DAP leaders and Supporters at the press for supporting 
the release of YB Manoharan and others from ISA.

Will blog about Najib's 60billion second stimulus package later too and also about my comments on his decisions later.. 
p/s  I am still new to DAP by the way, was supporting some BN candidates before this..

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