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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Extraordinary is wrongly Defined.

owh no its a long winded word filled post again. hahah , MY 100 posts bt the way!
Blog hooping is the last option for you to do in this boredom misery sometimes,
And i see a common shape in most college age bloggers..
But i guess one Word clearly stood out when everyone defines themselves,

I know how it means and what it feels,
I know the maturity everyone is turning about during their college years,
The 'special' feeling that stir in your heart that blended you into the thoughts of striving better with your very own special perception, and perhaps make u think you are different from your previous self, or just anyone till a certain definition.

However, Extraordinary is not a word to replace that 'special' feeling. It's just being too low defined. Back to the basics, Extraordinary means going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary. How could you think yourself as extraordinary when everyone else like you is thinking like you?

And talking about personality, there are NO such thing as extraordinary personality, such ridiculous statement! God created us with such unique, irrefutable personality, and how do we even think that which one is good enough to be praised? and even from the non religious view, who says being selfish is bad? it could be good as well in different task.

SO yea why do you think you are Extraordinary
while everyone thinks the same way as you do?
Everyone is unique created with their personalities and extraordinary..

Many people define extroverts as the leaders corner,
but little do we know that, without the term of introverts,
how do we have the term of extroverts?
SO yea i can see how unique God has designed the balance and juxtapositions of every individuals in the field of behaviours. =)

p/s i wonder what if college students at this age do not have cellphones like last time... hm..


  1. You know, sometimes being ordinary in itself is extraordinary.

  2. I understand how one may find it absurd when everyone is claiming themselves to be beyond what is the regular and leaving others thinking so who is not. I think, maybe they want to mean they are different instead of extraordinary? Being special and not the typical doesn't mean they are "beyond" the average. But then again, if everyone is different from each other, who is the ordinary and who is special? I think everyone can call themselves to be the special one, and doesn't matter if that leave us wondering so who is the not-so special one. Because if God spend His time specially to design us, that's enough to know we are special. Being surrounded with special people doesn't change the fact that we are one. It's just like, putting a 20 bucks note among 50 bucks notes doesn't mean you can no longer use the 20 bucks note to pay for something of that value because one thought it's been "devalued", because the fact is the value doesn't change irregards of the surrounding. My, such a long comment. Hope it makes sense to you ;p

  3. Wendee> hahah expected you to spill that out x)

    Gine> owh here comes the debator again, muahaha. Owh well but the main point is the word of Extraordinary. Get your point. Everyone is special, but that does not make us extraordinary out of the others. The point is that many people use this extraordinary feeling to label themselves as one, there is no wrong for the special feeling though. hope u get me too. haha.

  4. uncle, I already explained about the extraordinary part la, that maybe they mean different instead of extraordinary? *kia su*

  5. Ya mah, if everybody is extraordinary, then the ordinary is extraordinary.