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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Canon eos450D or eos500D ?

Surveyed in Lowyat just now though.. Was looking for Canon EOS40d, but seems that almost all the outlet is out of stock for it, and perhaps i have change my mind of just getting 450d or the latest 500d because 40d just seems too bulky, and i do not see my need for such advance specs yet.

Owh well presenting...

Canon 450D! The cheapest i've got to ask is RM2.5k, along with the starter lens 18-55mm of course. If i would want to upgrade to the 18-200mm lens, then it will cost RM4k for the package. Yea lens are more expensive than the body.


THe latest launch 500D,
Yea i can hear some comments saying going after this model is just a waste of money and will rather get 40D, but too bad la 40D is out of market people.
Best price i could get is Rm3.3k there.


15MP sensor - similar, but not the same as the 50D (slower readout for one thing)
Video - 1080p, but only at 20 FPS
Anti reflection coated display
Digic IV - menu layout similar to 50D/5D2
Auto lighting optimiser - now adjustable
Quick control setting mode
ISO to 12800
Variable high ISO noise setting adjustment
Face detect in Liveview
Peripheral Illumination Correction - brighten the corners of images to correct for lens vignetting
Sensors under viewfinder to blank screen when the camera is raised to the eye

But i guess video recording does some benefits for me in some ways =) will see how la..

I don't really mind megapixels but just the video recording function, might need it.

On the Brighter note,

I tarik along someone to KL walk today =p

Tee Khai Sim!

Guess where we went?

Yea just to collect the shirts for this Sunday's Larian Bomba run. 10km.
and yea the place is filled with macho macho guys* agree not khai sim?
and wondering why many of them kinda stared at Khai Sim's back =.=

Owh yea run with the fire rescuers, waaa if i can get into the top 100 then i will be happy i guess, there is around 2.5k participants for now, do not know how many in my category though, but i know my category is filled with elite runners and those well trained stamina fire rescuers... owh well..

My lucky 4d number

ANd few of my past race numbers too..
Started collecting since last year..

And after that walked around Lowyat to survey my DSLR and to feed her eyes on MP4.anyways it's nice catch with KhaiSim again, did not see her change much, still love the way she was and always is.. =)

and the problem now is that, so happen on the 10May putra LRT line will be shutting from 6 to 12 morning, so we are still figuring out how to go Dataran Merdeka for the race.. owh well anyone any ideas?

EYes bengkak + flu flu flu, time to get rest, owh man race is in like 4 days la!

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  1. hi japheth, thanks for visiting my humble blog, by some ol fler...lol. so, into dslr now i see. well i guess, its up to your choice. dont be fooled by the mp count unless you want to print huge poster like photos (and most of the time, we dont even print bigger that 5r). have to be careful shld you buy the 40d though. i was using it for sometime but most of the 40d model comes with error msgs. not all, but some. most of my buddies encountered the same prob, and now we are all nikonians...hahaha.

    open your options to several brands and test em out. google for comments and reviews then decide. still got time ma...you're still so young :) cheers buddy