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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A busy Sunday..

USM interview on Monday! anyways, finally drew some cacated sketches for this upcoming interview.. And just received some other sketches which really inspired me to draw using his method in this last hours.. thanks clement! Yea some architecture diploma dude... 

Sunday is going to be busy, have to wake up at 5 tomorrow and get prepared for Larian Bersame Bomba.. then after that rush back print some documents.. pack stuff, then off to Penang!

And now presenting my stress relief item!

So fat and cutee laaaa...I did not see a hamster sleep in a mini bowl before.. haha. and yes it is fun to customise his house by just putting anything you can think of... and waiting for him to tear it off =.=..

  "Sure got genetic mutation edi la this Hamster.. SO fat!!!" Quote my sister..
It is as big as the size of my SE f305. Slightly bigger i mean =p

Anyways, just to tell, i am currently in love with my new Guitar Strings =)

Earthwood acoustic strings, i guess it sounds better than Gibson or Yamaha, from what i experience la.. 28 Bucks.

Wish me luck and pray for meee forr the upcoming interview!!

p/s owh yea i think i am getting Canon 500D for 3.2k..

and not forgetting...
Tomorrow is Mother's Day!! No wonder feel more busier... =.=

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  1. :) ... I don't know what makes you doubted that much with your essay when you message me. Honestly I'm a bit worried. But seriously, just take it with you, for I can see you've poured a lot of effort for it. You have my best wishes for the marathon and interview. You'll be fine. *hugs*