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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1Malaysia > 1Police State?

Reading Sherry's post is already quite convincing that Malaysian police is hopeless
It's about tracking down a suspicious Taxi Driver and given that the 
Police was called 45 minutes earlier, but ending up not signs of turning up.
But I guess what happened on the 25th May is a good example.

Have you ever thought.. .we are actually living in a country without security?
Do we really see police patrolling around the neighbourhood like they used to be?
or perhaps they are just BN's bodyguards..
or perhaps saying "chillax" when people dialed 999 to reach them?
or something as worse as following..

Obviously, the sudden police raid of DAP HQ without a search warrant 
means that police these days does not care about "rule of law" in a civilised society. 
So how can we really trust the 'saya anti rasuah' campaign -.- ?
 Barging into the party premises and snatching a 'Server' and ignoring the objections of party personnel is something totally paradox to what we thought police are to be.

Very obvious.
Police in Malaysia has become "secret police" instead of guardian of the people.

Definition of police state.
It means a state in which the government uses repressive control over the social, economic and political life of the people. Or perhaps we could use the word to describe our government? Totalitarianism? This state does not have or little difference between the law and exercise of political power by the executive.

hmmm.. what Dr Chen Man Hin said is true, if the Prime Minister does not respond to the call of rights of the people, we shall take the case of freedom of loving people of Malaysia to the United Nations. Owh great then Malaysia will be on newspapers! Globally =p

p/s Shakes head....

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