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Monday, April 20, 2009

What is Matriculation? Revised version 1*

The reason why i am posting this up is that because many people are asking me about what is matric and all, via mails la, perhaps i publicise too much about matrics over education blogs and all, so i will just try to answer your curiosity in Q and A form la. Just getting lazy to reply everyone with the same question, talking about 5 mails a day.. walau wei, k so here you go!

So basically, to whom it may concern, you can understand my thoughts about matric, but that does not mean you will experience the same way as i do because of difference of personalities between you and me, and i am from malacca matricualtion college.

these are the other posts you could refer to get the picture of matriculation life

What is Matriculation?
There are only 3 ways to enter Local University, namely Diploma or foundation in the Local Uni itself, STPM, or Matriculation. Matriculation is a fully sponsored programme by MOE with the allowance of rm1250 per month. Accomodation and tuitions fees is all covered. There are 3 streams, namely Physics, Biology, and Accounts.

Is Matric Hard?
I know this question is so general but almost everyone asks. All right, if you score SPM 9As above or around there, i do not see a problem of getting a 4.0 cgpa at all, for the last semester, 60% of the non muslim here gets 4.0cgpa.

Do we need to wear Uniform like secondary school?
Nope, formal clothing, guys will be slacks and formal shirt tie, girls will be anything formal la. Strictly no jeans are allowed, long trousers or below knee length trousers are a must, colar shirt is encourage when informal event takes place. If you are going for an outing, then formal outfit is the must to be wear.

How many people share a room?
Depends on the college. but it is 4 people per room la.

Is it possible for us to quit matric after one week if we cannot adapt to the environment there?
yes you can, but you will need to return the same amount of allowance MOE provided to you. and this is a little silly i think, if you could not even adapt to matric, then do not think of going to local uni i guess, adapting is one of the basics of college life.

How do you count your final CGPA?
Bio Phy Chem subjects will have the summing up of marks from 70% final exam, 10% experiment reports, 10% mid semester exam, 10% attendance and class perfomance. While math will have only 80% from finals, and 10% mid sem exam, 10% class performance.

How to change stream? what if i get science physical and i want science biology?
You could inform the administration during the first day of orientation, pay attention for the announcements and usually transition takes around 3 to 5 days, and it will be done before class starts because orientation is one week if i am not mistaken for this year's batch.

Is it true that Matriculation students have a more encouraging placing in Local Universities compared to STPM?
I do not have evidence for that, but based on observations through out the year, they do.

Can we go back during weekends? how often is the holiday?
Yes you can. Matriculation is a 11 months programme, splitted into 2 semesters, with one week break after each semester. Depends on college whether they would want to apply for raya holiday or christmas holiday or cny holiday with normally one week for each.

I heard that STPM is harder than Matrics, true?
No doubt, it is harder, but the hard part about matric you might find is the speed of catching up with the syllabus, so constantly studying and understanding is important, but i believe it is not a problem to understand the syllabus even without a lecturer's help.

Are the Malays there racist?
Totally a question i shouldn't be answering, if you think that they are racist, then you are racist too. Just like what John C Maxwell says, if you think people are caring, then you are caring too. Do NOT ever think so because this will 'kill' you eventually. They are friendly all right!

I heard that very few chinese are selected, is it true?
True, only 10% of places are given out to the non bumis. And if you get, you must know that you are given a place that so many other non bumis are grabbing for too. So think twice before you reject Matrics.

If you are asking whether the teachers are skin coloured or malays nice to mix or not, then i should not be answering because everyone is different with the opinions about it and i believe you will discover it yourself and your own perspective. I encourage you to read the posts above as i think the 5 of them are sufficient to give you the picture of matriculation.

But one of my strong advice, if you want to enjoy matrics, you have to support najib's current sayings, 1malaysia, owh yea, PLEASE! no skin colour opinions or whatever, and do not be racist against anyone even though the administrative might look like it, because that would just prevent you from discovering some of the wonders i think i experienced =) Malays rock and so does Islam, i respect every single one of them and i have no regrets. BE OPEN and mix more with EVERYONE. Life here is not about results and academic but about how much experience you gain for your college life, which i label it as transition life.

p/s Any further questions regarding Matriculation not stated above is welcome, mail to special_starz_371@hotmail.com. See you in matrics! =)


  1. hey,u might not know me, so do i!
    but i found ur blog from one of d comment in malaysia student blog regarding matrix..thanks for d post here..i enjoy reading it..

    but i somehow still confuse bout it ohh =/

  2. nana> memang will confuse also la, these post are not meant to give you a final answer right, see your current situation and make the choice la, i can't help it. lol.

  3. I find your post really give a good picture of M'sia Matric life and I can relate so much to it, I'm not sure if "colour-blind" comes with our genes, I find it easier for me to mix around with the Malays as compared to my other friends' adaptation to them. And latter're still the same even during uni times. I think they didn't know they've missed out a lot of wonderful experiences, especially the experience of being colour-blind :) Good that you enjoyed matrics.

  4. hey is it true that a non-bumi matric student will not get what course he/she wish for when entering local uni?

  5. kaka> that is ridicolous, who mentioned it? Depends la on everything... ur result, involvement in activities, the competitions for your course. It varies.

  6. hey,how many subjects are we taking in matriculation?i'm taking science streams~