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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Plans for CG 2009?

Yes it has been around 11 months since i left this wonderful CG for matrics,
and yes time flashes by so fast again,
and im back for good to join along with them!

And yea its not all of them la, its a mixture of my cg and the others, so claimed to be the old people cellgroup because we are the only college age cg while the others are still highschools in XYZ.And so coincidently that when i attend my first officail CG meeting in 2009, Pastor Foo took over the Cg leader position. And yes he headed off a great start by seeking our suggestions to improve the cg activities. So yea many ideas ahead...

and on the brighter note, i mentioned i brought back a hamster from matrics, and yes his name is SO unique, cause i name him HAMSTER, have anyone thought of it? no right.

Same breed of mice. sigh*

and yes he likes this a lot, running around the house with this like forever?

and yes a very small tiny winny little thing i have done for the past few days, packing up my room, tidying and anything. lol.

and yea at first thought that this will work as my notice board but end up as a memory lane.

I think i have rest enough for a week ever since i came back, so yea time to get my body on training and composing some songs. haha. so then! 

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  1. Your hamster is very adorable!! Aww..
    But I think it hopes his/her (have you checked the sex of Hamster?) owner has a lil bit more creativity when naming it ;p