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Monday, April 27, 2009

Less exam-oriented education under new UPSR curriculum

Sunday April 19, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: Thirty per cent of the Primary School Assessment Test (UPSR) will account for a child’s results when a new curriculum is introduced for Year One pupils from next year.

The remaining 70% will be based on several approaches, including psychometric tests, school-based assessments and achievements in extra-curricular activities and sports throughout the six years of study.....As for the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) and Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations, he said there were proposed weightages of 50% and 70% respectively.

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My First Impression

Yes perhaps our new Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin's tried to make his mark when Najib urge every ministers to do their jobs. In the abstract, it's a good enough idea: the notion that two or three exams should forever define your school years is ridiculous, because even in our mostly dreary education system, you get so much out of school beyond just knowing how to pass exams. Everyone thinks that our Education System's three Umbrella Exams- mainly UPSR PMR and SPM are being such a burden to any student, or even the parents as they send them to hours of tuitions weekly, or some even putting tuition as a routine. This is a disaster and thus everyone thinks that it is good for our education system to be more oriented on exam exception activities.


On the Darker Note, this is INSANE! 70% goes to others while only 30% emphasising  on UPSR. . It might seem more wholesome. But there are other things to consider. Who is to guarantee that all these assessments will be fairly judged in different schools? Who is to assure there won't be manipulation? 

Problem #1

Talking about Cocurriculum Marks, is there really a synchronized structure to calculate partipation marks by students that is well obeyed by everyone in this country? Impossible. And the thing is that, from what i have experienced in secondary school, only events that are organized or joined under Ministry of Education or other Ministries would be taken into account for marks. How about Private organized events? Does this mean students do not get any appreciation marks for it? No they don't. How do we evaluate one's keen on joining activities while non ministry activities are excluded?

Problem #2

Talking about heavy weightage on non exam activities.... 30% sounded too little to be emphasized on for exams. if we are talking about UPSR , perhaps parents will be a little paranoid for their children. We are talking about a sudden big change that involves the transition from tuition scenes to outdoor activities scenes. It is unacceptable for primary students because they are still on the learning root, it is unfair to judge a student's aptitude during this period, and we are talking about continuous assessment, these ages are crucial for them to discover first wrongs and how do we even able to give marks by scolding primary students who hand in homeworks late or whatever, they are still on the edge of learning! Totally unaware of the surrounding or whatever this plan is!

I believe that it should be UPSR- 60% examination 40% others  , PMR- 50% examination 50% others, SPM- 40% examination 60% others. The reason why i think Exam should be more emphazised (compared than 30%) is that somehow i find the advantage in this pressured environment. Discipline is not acquired overtime. 30% looks too small to motivate many of us to study. and another thing is that the whole blessed thing should be around... We have to see the MATURITY environment the students are gaining to put themselves into the shoes of activities and joining off school radius activities. The sooner they grow up, their marks should be emphazised more on their achievements and activities. Not the OTHER way around!

Problem #3

Many plans from the ultimate MOE have not decided and written in black and white yet, mainly about the usage of BM or BI. And long time ago, even the idea of abolishing PMR, BTW, Its totally wrong to abolish PMR or UPSR because they are the 'awareness' towards SPM. EVERYTHING must be synchronized first before any plans like this coming in, it is just like forcing someone to adapt two environments at once if everything just jumble up. and syllabus shall be reviewed! Stated some comments here Especially History Moral pleaseeeee! Stuffs like drama classes and public speaking classes should be encouraged instead.

SO yea overall i give this idea a green light, meaning its under my support =) But yea see what does our future MOE has to say about it.

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