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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HouseBoat- Dubai

Rumours saying that this thing is gaining popularity in Dubai, and i do not see a reason to doubt it.. Awesome modern concept house on a floating concept with dubai's city view, speechless..

Designed by X-Architect, the floating houseboat sited at Dubai Marina, Dubai. This leisure home is built on top of two catamaran beams to make it stable, and the whole building covers 220 sqm of floor area mixing the use of a concealed kitchen, living room, an informal dining area, bedrooms, bathroom, steering cabin, and terrace.

Recently googled randomly about Dubai's wonders again, just kinda annoying so many insane extraordinary projects are on the sketch or also on the land, it totally freaked my mind out to figure out how they survive through the recent recession with those budget sucking mega projects. But here are some pictures for you to see the speechless development they had.

(Dubai in 1990 prior to the craziness)
Dubai is amazing, why this country is so architecture maniac. Range between the largest artificial island and the tallest tower will be built in Dubai. And most top of the top architects designed all the area
The same street in 2003
Last year!
(The madness. Dubai is said to currently have 15%-25% of the world's crane!)
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