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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Sight Love Over the Net?!?!

I would say, this is one of the funniest, terlamest, and i do not know what else to describe experience, but yea kinda glad that i drag wen dee along in to act. This is what happened.

There is this dude claiming that he is from Holland and he got my email add from the internet, (my email add is floating around i admit) And then yes he does not speak proper english, and the first thing he asks me is that whether i am a girl or guy, and i reply 'Girl" because i know it is very obvious that he is up for online dating. and he was requesting for me to on webcam, but my insisted it is spoiled (want to play wit him mah) so he demanded pictures of me..

and guess what?
I pulled wen dee in.
We changed our pictures. I googled Megan Fox, she took zooey deschanel.
you might wanna read our conversations.

and this is the picture of the conversation of us with him that mysterious desperate guy. We played him like what la. He is so so desperate can tell you. SO long didnt hear a stranger to use the 3 blessed words for less than 5 minutes over a simple conversation. sweat!

Megan fox so hot la x)
I was telling wen dee, owh goodness, i am so hawt tonight x)

So what is the point?
It is a sad thing to see a 44 old guy going in the net to find love, and that desperate. I remembered my early highschool ages, i crushed easily through friendster. It shows how vulnerable we are when our hormones rage, we can just fall in love without meeting the person face to face. But yea la i have learnt my lessons and gained my definition for my next BGR. But the questions are...

Do dating sites really help to reduce suicide rates?
They are just encouraging our social world to be so controlled by infatuation?
and fear of facing the outside world face to face... 

MOdern BlindDates?
But based on what i know, current blinddates are not just blind like last time, there will be surveys and interviews for one before he or she gets ready to meet that mysterious someone that day,  so it is a very high probability there will be a match of personalities and in the end sparks. And you will be asking, 'Why such arrangement? so lame?' surveys show that young working adults at this age are rather being busy with working place but no time for relationship, thus this is one of alternative la. This is a prerequisite in some ways to ensure the community achieves a stable growth. not common in Malaysia yet la.. Surprise? you might want it next time? when time runs out from your 20s...  

p/s i am quite surprise by my singleness for more than a year though. haha. 


  1. kinda funny lo.

    yeah u were hot! at least megan fox is...