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Saturday, April 18, 2009

End of College Chapter!

A post to reminisce all the Highlights events happened in my Matrics life.
Quite blessed to have my room at the 4th floor,
even though it's one of the farthest block and need to climb hill..
But the ventilation and Sunlight intensity is great, very windy.

And no regrets involving myself into KAKOM Volleyball tournament too.
Yes, in a way, i represented malacca =p

All the free things Ministry of Education sponsored x)

It's one of the first fresh, team spirit feeling i've caught.
ANd so happens KAKOM has the same timing as Olympics.

And yes 250+ of us went for competition
and so same goes to other Matric colleges around Malaysia.

Truly an exciting experience.

Next will be our underground Christian Fellowship
which has around 15 regular members..

A truly blessed journey along with others, first time having a CF with 3 languages.
haha. And being the guitarist every week, such a blessing.

Next up! Crazy lecture mates! In my lecture class, there are only 6 chinese, out of 200+ students, and yea these 3 are rather close to me,
everyday half day spending together, doing projects, owh well.

Yi Ling, she is quite pretty wan lor i think.from Johor.
Kelgin (Johor) on the left and Ming Ren (Seremban) on the right.
The dude that ons his 3g during lecture to chat with his Gf, and endless calls =.=
Thanks so much for sharing your homework so that i could copy! =p

well i did help 3 of you to copy lecture notes from teacher ma...
Yes, still my thumbdrive the sexiest x)

Next Up, Volleyball Team!
Yea have been quite active with them for the first half sem.
And one great thing about having a college at the seaside =)

It's not bad at all la the beach! Tanjung Bidara..
Classmates! yes and im the only chinese, and it's not bad at all.

Having a night stay at the beach..


Meor , Class Monitor


Pesta Tanglung was great too! my 1st project with others in the college.
And yes of course it is organized by all the non muslim la.

Church Gang!
of Sg Baru Chinese Methodist Church

So yea you can roughly see the numbers from here,
it is a small community of masjid tanah la.
and yes respected pastor!

Jamming is always on the schedule.

and i am quite surprise to see a fender elec there. haha.
Yes, few happy faces there!
And, Last day of Exam!
yes manage to catch Wendy's Charming Smile.
With suresh the coolest indian behind.

And presenting the gang that has been with me for the whole one year every night.
My Floormates.
Above From left to right, chee Keong from KL, Boon from KL, CHoudry from Malacca, Kim from KL, SI hou from Johor, and the photographer is me!

Us at our corridor.Rooms beside.

And yes me packing back home, just see how much luggage i had.

And yes as what other batches had done,
Now it is our turn to conteng too!!!
Almost everywhere la =p

But minutes after that, i think we did too much.
well and more and more started to conteng too!
And the end result is the... chatterbox.. =.=It is a little failure for me to say that i only manage to gain 40 contacts in my nostalgia.

But at least i gain something extra, my friend gave me his hamster =p
And so it begins from here....
And it ends here...
And there goes the pictures to capture the memories..
Matriculation has been one speechless valueble moments i treasure, something that i might say change my perspective from the inside out, and learning the humble way from the diversity i see there, why being so skin coloured while i see i have learnt many lessons from the malays.
Loving them!
Loving Everyone!
Miss you crazy bunch of people!
People might label me as the white trousers dude, western educated,
or even pro guitarist, but i label everyone here as History Makers.
current mood- busy with scholarships
current music- Fearless-Taylors Swift

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