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Sunday, April 5, 2009

42 things you notice in University Age..

Stuffs you realise when you enter University Life...
  1. Being everyday with the same person doesn't mean both are best friends, perhaps just nothing at all.
  2. There is no worth arguing for your own point because there is no conclusion for it.
  3. Handphones are not meant for chatting anymore, but to deal with serious stuff
  4. Being honest and generous towards someone does not promise to give you the same thing, and the people you ignore the most might be the one who cares for you the most.
  5. Many things are seen but not able to touch, and many things you are just capable of having it once.
  6. Dating and Relationship are not for truth anymore, that often
  7. Secondary school teachers are more responsible
  8. Many times when you face disappointing topics/thoughts, do not hope for same heart feeling from other people, people might just end up looking down on you.
  9. Life is unfair, you must look straight forward and believe the crowd's eyes.
  10. People's personalities is truly as differ as sea and sky.
  11. Taking care yourself is the first priority because no one really cares for you afterall.
  12. Money is being used up like water, and so many areas to spend in.
  13. You must appreciate anyone in your lifee, you can give up on someone you couldn't hold back, but not because of holding someone back but losing another bunch of friends.
  14. Self respect comes before respecting others. Because your integrity does not count as anything in other people's eyes.
  15. There is no use Emoing and making a fuss up in your social contacts because no one would want to understand you, they are not your parents.
  16. People could change so radically but you do not notice
  17. Most people have their own scripture of thoughts, so more people would be loving and hating you, and do not hate them because of that, love everyone.
  18. Do not define Relationship just because two people are together all the time.
  19. The free time you've got just seems to be so pointless, wihile secondary school life time is always having the 'fullest' feeling.
  20. Trying to understand someone in the end might hurt yourself.
  21. The amount of true friends you got is inversely proportional to the time flow
  22. You can choose not to treat everyone as your friend, but you can never treat someone as your enemy
  23. Happiness brings memories, but bitterness just reflects the diffference of your current and past memories world
  24. Everyone has their own, very special colourful corner of their life.
  25. that actually, going class, eating, almost everything, seems to be alone most of the time.
  26. Everyone labels their hometowns as the best, no matter what background it has.
  27. Treating people or being treated a lunch or meal is a norm, even a stranger.
  28. You might think your perception is being valued by people, but their perception is as special as yours too.
  29. Living life to the fullest is hard to be define anymore because you just do not know if you heading what you want that often.
  30. Contacts of friends and new ones just exchange, come and go that fast in your life.
  31. Enthusiasm is not something really special because everyone has it, just in any form, though you could not see.
  32. Judging people often ended up people judging you as well, while being optimist about other people's value would gain respect for yourself too.
  33. you are starting to sketch your ten years plan before marriage.
  34. Never try to spread your thoughts or influence people with it but you can make them understand and that the most, because you might end up giving them a very different message.
  35. The way you write affects people's perception towards you more than you talk. Writing could be diverted as other meaning more than the way you speak because there always a body language, and there is just this huge chance people mistranslating your point.
  36. There is no right or wrong in personalities, no wrong in being selfish and attention seeker or anything bad you can say, because when it comes to group project, diversity of personality is the core factor to be successful, you could not have the same personality in one group because you will just lack of one point of view.
  37. Having a Heart to heart talk about personalities variation is an important factor to discover what is playing around your social circle.
  38. The art of Listening is more important then Speaking.
  39. Your parents seem to be more important than your other friends, contradicting to what you might think during secondary school.
  40. Coping with difficult people is always difficult, but if the person appeaers to be yourself, then that's the worst to happen.
  41. If you couldn't learn to love yourself, never hope for any love outside there to wait for you.
  42. You think about what is playing other people's thoughts more than what you are going to say.

Saw this in ChinChin's Blog, and i just couldn't help but to read it from head to tail because it is just so true, even though im still in college life. Well so i kinda translated into english version and hope you will enjoy it!and yea i added some of my own perspective into it..

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