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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 Months to spare!

Just notice the phrase that i believe i manage to understand 
after months of facing a radicle change within myself in which i am not able to define.
The absence of judgement helps you appreciate reality
True enough, it is!
Truly Lord thanks for the sparks and guiding me through the 40 days lent fasting.

On the other note, i did not notice Malcom Gladwell had his other book launched again! Truth to be told, i have not read his book yet =.= But yea based on ears, heard that his book is quite thought provoking, perhaps some same trend as John C maxwell? I doubt i will be reading John C maxwell books soon as i would like to hear the other perspective of creative thoughts, like this!
and i just notice both of them have a well* spelled behind their names =p
Also, i think i have the sketch laid out for my 2 months + break..
  1. Register for KL marathon, Larian Bomba and Rage
  2. Stamina training for upcoming events, climb my condo 3 times, 50 push ups, 50 sit ups, 5km jog and swimming.
  3. Clear up my room! and yes shall grab some cute stuffs from Ikea,miss my old working place la..
  4. Scholarship Watch! IGd not yet apply...
  5. Read finish the book of Psalms! beautiful indeed...
  6. Sign up for Aiesec Miracle conference 2009.
  7. Attend Cousin's wedding..
  8. Travel Singapore
  9. Travel Penang , only if have extra time.
  10. Serve and join actively in LYPG.
  11. Finally can serve actively in DUMC! new cellgroup awaits this saturday!!
  12. Spice up my cooking skills, particularly on eastern dishes.
  13. Improve my hearing skills on my guitar..
  14. Yes, and posting up like crazy to fill up this blessed blog x)
2months is not too long at all, owh yes and i must include Dota as well =)

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  1. must go Penang must go Penang!! and grow fat! No, I mean, grow UP. Teenagers like you should eat more lalalala~

    Anyway, happy holiday and hope you enjoy your reading :) and blogging, and the list ;p