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Friday, March 13, 2009

When today turns into a Nostalgia

One more month of college life left!
And yes probably you will be thinking how fast time travels in the blink of an eye.
and i roughly have my plan for my after matric vacation ready there =p
I am happy of course, one more month to get back home sweet home and back to DUMC and all my KL friends. still pondering whether should work in Ikea...
But there is this nostalgic feeling stirring in my heart,
owh well, 11 months of campus life is just the optimum time to really get to know a person,
and in this college, everyone seems to be like a big family.
Final challenge left for me -> Final Exam,
yea pretty important as it will determine my final CGPA and whether i could get my wanted course in UM. Yea i have not submitted my piece of writing to whatsafterspm project. Would really love to write but i am so gotta make sure it is my best piece of writing ever, ( with my current cacated english) yea i will post it up later.
Last month of memories and struggle to deal with!

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