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Friday, March 20, 2009

When are we one? Are you Coward to say this?

After more than a half century independence of this Beautiful Country,
and i'm still yet to hear someone labelling himself/herself as malaysian,
Instead of chinese/malay/indian,
When are we becoming this one identity?
Or is it because we are so ashamed by our own country's reputation?
Or rather we are just to coward to dare ourselves...
To make a change in this country we are in rather than escaping it?
Think about that...

See those words? When do we really mean it?
We are just so overplayed by the dramas in politics, and those media is corrupting our mind about this country's image..
and when whatever turns positive in the media, we see it the other way,
And right now, UMNO is in deep troubles, even Dr.Mahathir needs to gather the media and acclaim that the malays are in danger.. for the very first time, i see that worrying face of his in the TV screen.
But i tell you, when the malays in Malaysia falls, we will fall too, another long story to tell,
Unity has been always in our words not actions,

So when is your last time, labelling yourself as a malaysian?

Owh almighty God, save Malaysia.

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