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Monday, March 23, 2009

University Life?

3 more weeks to wrap up this awesome Matriculation,
and i ask God, what's next waiting for me in University Life?
For me, university life is like the most energetic youths of our entire life,
Thinking about how to make it an extraordinary one,
i am thinking of doing something outside the radius of university,
(obviously i will be active in university activities also la)
Topping with the sudden feeling of myself owing this country something,
I felt like doing community project, or joining private orgs...
FTAAA? MCA? RAKAN MUDA? I don't know what else.
Or perhaps Rage or Brats from in Stars with the photography line i am going to invest in.

I wouldn't choose to be so active serving in church, nothing is wrong being active with it, just that i want to widen up my university contacts, but certainly i will still go on with my guitarist role if it's needed. And i love worship leading and cherish the moments of it. I promise myself to be active in cellGroups and attending celebrations in DUMC though, it is my home.

5 more days to EArth Hour comrades! 8.30! i will shut off everything.. =) except my handphone. haha. and seeing every blocks in my college switching off their lights from my balcony! awesome!

Fasting is awesome, thank God for the many lessons behind the hunger. I just love everyone suddenly! God is so awesome!

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