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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thought of Writing your Own Will?

A juice of thought... =)
Have you ever thought of writing your own will/last letter?
Even though you are a teenager or someone so fit
and do not see a cause that will put you to an end out of sudden?
But who knows right, IF the next minute you just get a heart attack and off the earth for good.
We all know that the last words before we leave will be truly an impact on someone's life. So i am thinking if.. if that's the last best, impactful thing i could do, then why not writing a letter of will/motivation to anyone who is going to see it. It's like.. even though i am gone for good, at least there is my words left in this world to motivate other people. and truly my family members/ other close people would think if there is something secret in my heart to be shared, but i didn't have the chance to.

and yea, im kinda going to write a 2 pages will/last letter and slip it into my wallet just in case my life wire goes straight suddenly =) sounded so wrong i know. haha.

But seriously, Have you written yours?
It's the last best thing you could do for the ones you left behind.
And please, its not because i am going to go off that soon or what =.=
with such sudden post. haha. Exams on the countdown! goodness!

p/s looking at one of my chinese friend looking his friendster picture.. and its quite weird lor observing the face expression of someone looking into his own pictures. I mean his own! solo pictures! says to himself* attitude of loving urself. shake heads*

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