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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Significant View of Birthdays.

Just recently, i felt that there's an important point of life that i have been missing out. That is to have my own Birthday Calender and be on time to wish everyone. or rather you will find this post as a meaning of appreciation.
I do not really mind if people miss out my birthday date on their calender because simply i know there must be someone out there have me in their hearts. many times i had a perception that no one will remember my wishes for other people birthday as well because many people will be doing the same thing too..But i see my failure to remember and wish people Happy Birthday as a very insulting personality that needs to be repaired.
Why is it important to wish Happy Birthday?

Not because its just a simply good manner of wishing, but the appreciation behind it does matters does most. I recall back what John C Maxwell book says about Appreciation,

"Self achieved success tastes sweeter if you celebrate other people's achievement
together before hand."

Behind the idea of appreciation, it is awkward to write a short note and express your gratitude for the person's stand and being a part of your life randomly, but it is only during Birthdays that people will tend to count how many people actually remember him or her. And people actually secretly demand or wish for more appreciation.

A simple 2 words like above is more than enough to replace a paragraph of encouragement.

and another significant point of view i think about Birthday is that it is potential to reignite a friendship with a long lost buddy or stranger?. Normally (if it is possible and time allows) i would not wish Birthdays through SMS or calls, i will prefer Emails, because i write essays. owh yea but it depends on which person la or not that weird feeling. I see emails as more potential because you write it in a flow and rarely people write email so people will tend to pay a little more attention towards your gratitude. Sometimes sms and calls are not doing enough to motivate a person and to trigger a different perception behind his/her thoughts.

And talking about appreciation, i think it is important for us to celebrate our Friends' achievements too. Perhaps just a 4.0 Cgpa in exams or just a winning a competition? Just the 2 words 'Great Job' would make him or her ponder sometimes about how much you think for her or him =) Afterall, appreciation is the basic social Value. So gonna put appreciation as a core of my life.

and i am talking about , just about appreciating everyone, even those you do not talk to often, that is my point. Not just your bunch of friends.

p/s so wish my laptop is here, can download so many new songs!! Kinda like this month because almost all the new songs suit my taste, unlike last year 4th quarter. and i am currently tuning into Fly fm, like almost every day? except sleeping hours? haha.

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