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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reasons Why I Should not Go to USM.

I have always thought that i am applying USM architecture course in an addition thought. But i have not really got the answer for "What if i really get a place there?" and even if i reject it, i am afraid that it will interupt my application for UPU which is UM or UPM to a lower priority to get shortlisted cause i rejected USM. Ok sounds complicated i know,

but i think, think! not fully sure yet, that i will cancel off my application to USM. Why? Simple because the reason below.

  1. This might be a crazy excuse. But this crazy bunch of people, my Cell Group. I have always thought that Cellgroup is important, but not that significant to stop me from going to Penang study, but until i just join them just now, that strange feeling came back to me, i just cannot leave them, these bunch of people are the history makers! I am just afraid that, if i go to Penang, i will never get a chance to mix with those awesome people, a group which i am comfortable with, which maturity mix and match the strange way, and most importantly, I think we are pretty spiritually matured. =)

    And there goes Awesome Rachael, Which i will post another post about her later, she is leaving my CellGroup, as a leader =(

  2. My Church, DUMC.- It has been a real long time ever since the last time i really hear pastor Daniel's speech, it is getting more and more interesting for some unknown reasons. Owh well, and its a church where i invested a life of 5 years in? and i think it is just so part of it, if i have the chance, then i would not want to jump church again, i am pretty comfortable in DUMC right now, and i want to participate in It's growing process.
  3. My mom- I know she will miss me =p and plus i miss my room, owh yea ikea room rocks, and yea life at home is comfy, plus UM is so near to my house, nothing else beats the comfy feeling of home.
  4. The Contacts i gain in the 5 years. I think it is crucial, in this 5 years of time in KL, i might come across a lot of important people, especially during university life, and i see it as a minor factor to bring the success in the future. it is 5 years!!!
  5. I love the culture of KL people- I have seen it, people from penang and all over Malaysia in Matriculation. Somehow i like the culture about people in KL, everything just moves fast.

So i shall cancel off my application for USM? or shouldn't i? =/

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