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Friday, March 6, 2009

Nostalgia.. the second series.

2 things im Currently pondering about...
  1. Why is it... that there is such a saying that ' Courtship makes Men out of Boys , and Ladies out of Girls'. It is irrefutably true, based on my past experience and the changes in other people that i have observed. But.. Why? Hormones? Responsibility? I think more than that.
  2. How do you define Maturity? I think it's impossible. There is so many parts of maturity which we cannot conclude a person's thought is matured or not. How do we even measure a person's maturity by the way he or she speaks and the ideas behind it? and How do you know you are Matured enough to measure the maturity of other people? Something which i was looking in John C Maxwell Book but could not spot. And i am not saying this out because someone pissed me out btw. i sounded like it. haha.

Anyways! Am back in KL! for the very last time until my life in matriculation ends. And yes i am coming back KL for good end of april. And few things i really need to do! for the 2 months of comfort...

  1. Dota Fever- I am not bringing my laptop back to college so guess i will replace my dota desire after everything and finals ends.
  2. Backpack Singapore- 5 days? one week? Owh yea, and i seriously saying, the whole singapore. owh well! Not to shop, but just try to see the culture there...
  3. Go to Penang- It has been a real long time since the last time i went, bet lots of difference. ANyone interested for a 3 days trip? =) Food craves!!!
  4. Scholarships look out- And yesh continue to look out for scholarships throughout the months...

Finals on the countdown!


And just like any graduation... Gathering profiles of friends to keep in touch, So i did this book myself, and am passing around to gather contacts, owh well hopefully at least 200 of them.

Signing out with Love now Readers!

Have a nice Day! =)

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