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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My 'WhatsAfterSpm" project entry...

This is the essay i did for the community driven project whatsafterspm book. OWh well, just incase you are a post spm candidate 2008 or interested to enter matriculation, i think it is worth a shot to read it =)
Lim Gene-Harn, 19, a former SMK Damansara Jaya student, currently undergoing 2008/2009 Matriculation Program by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) in Malacca Matriculation College.

"The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where he is going." David Jordan's Famous quote says it all, particularly in the education life as well. I reminisced back my couple of indecisive months, pondering which path to pursue my tertiary education, and where the rumors about this certain private college being the best echoing around the corners. However, there is no justification for the true quality of each tertiary education pathways, I believe that it depends on our own integrity to dare to face the unknown challenges and harvest the opportunities each pathway offers. After all, working life is another script of story to tell.
True enough, the controversial topics and debates about the true quality of Matriculation has spilled over education blogs and media even after it became a decade old program, but for me, this is the transition point for my teenage life. Environment is truly one significant point I sought after in choosing college. College life is one of the most crucial transition years in our lives. Investing more time outside our family radius encourages all kinds of influences into our personalities for the very first time, and that is most likely when we seriously ponder what life all about is.

Flashing back one year ago, I was enrolled into UTAR抯 foundation, so coincident that the result for Matriculation Program抯 appeal cases was announced during the Orientation Week. It didn抰 take long for me to decide, there is just this strange feeling stirring in my heart, urging me to grab it, perhaps a surprise awaits for me? Being a teenager from single parent family, I knew that this will ease my mom's burden by flips because Matriculation Program is paid by government with an allowance of Rm1250 per semester provided to its students (excluding the registration fees). Furthermore, Matriculation program is a stay-in campus life, cheaper campus food and needless to pay for transportation fees. Also, it is one of the only 3 ways to enter Local Universities, (the others are STPM and Diplomas), and needless to say, studying in Local Universities saves a bomb compared to private ones.

One of the most impactful lessons I抳e captured here is tolerance, being really forbearance I mean. The core challenge is to understand people by heart because people here belong to so many frequencies, you just have to understand their perceptions one by one before dealing matters with them, and it is as different as chalk and cheese from what I deal with back in KL. Communication is the word. Remember to state your opinions and beliefs black and white before misunderstandings take place. At one instance, I was the Assistant Head of Publicity for Tang Lung Festival 08? Initially I assume publicity would use the routine idea as how I did it back in high school, but collision of ideas was truly unexpected. If it wasn抰 the hours of heart to heart talk, I guess we wouldn抰 achieve another history making event.

Diversity. That is my definition for Matriculation's students' culture here. I appreciate the environment here that it has lessons to be learnt from. Being a KL dude, this place is such an eye opener in a way that I could observe the difference in personalities among people from different environments. People from different states, different religion, races, socioeconomic and education backgrounds, financial capability, these are the very things that mould them to have a different perceptions in life. True, this diversity of culture occurs in all local private colleges but I doubt it will be as diverse as Matriculation's. I do not see the difference in overseas and local education life in terms of culture exchange, because tertiary education is almost global and exchange education during this century.

My two sens to post SPM candidates is that, stepping into the college age is all about equipping yourself for challenges, not in terms of academic, but environment, remember to stay strong to your principles and do not stray with the crowd, and always remember to stop, think and be the way you are. Being fast in life is not equivalent to living life to the fullest. Life is not a race but a journey, the terrain of life is filled with wonderful and astounding details. Slow down and take in its richness. Choose the course that you could strive for the best out of your personalities and remember that what and where you study does not really determine the job you do in the next phase of your life.

One thing to learn by heart in Matriculation Program is to be open and striving hard. Not in academic syllabus, but to blend yourself into the social world in the program. Life here is not everything about 4.0 CGPA, but it is a campus life to find how truly different people are! Abundance of activities filling up the schedule every week! Maximizing your contacts is something important to secure your future projects or university and working life. Also, if you are into sports, remember to enter KAKOM (Inter Matriculation Colleges Carnival), promise that you will enjoy tones of benefits you get there, including sighting the true diversity of Malaysians from all around this nation. Matriculation has been one of the most beautiful chapters in my life. There are no regrets for me taking up this awesome path and as I finish up this article, I could not help but to end this with a big, familiar smile.

dada! The end! =)

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