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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Google Earth Rocks My Life!

I started using Google Earth since 2 years ago i think, and never thought that it would be so useful, just about anything! For example, just now we went to look out point, yes an awesome view for the scenery of KL and klang valley. somewhere on the hill nearby ampang, And i had no idea where was it, but this google earth thing just showed me, and if i would have a car, i have no problem in directions to drive there. and the reasons why i say its the best view i have ever had, see the location =)
and just in case you are wondering where is my house, there you go! Condominium by the way.
And you need not to tell me your address, just tell me your rooftop colour and your nearest landmark and i should able to identify it. And in a way i support the facts that Google Earth does help scientists about the galaxy.. is that picture below.
Yes, you can even watch space galaxies from Google Earth, with full details. Flawless right? And the great thing is that. Yes you can download Google Earth for free. Just google it la. Now i have ideas why Google is the one of the best company in the World. =)
By the way, i am planning to hang this blog for a month's time. Will be catching bus tomorrow at 1 pm and off back to college for serious study life again. So then you readers! Hugz!
This month shall be my most fruitful month, Prayer, Fasting, Studies, AntiDota Month, and lastly, sports. Owh yes someone urges me to do it more x)..

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