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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being a Dynamic Thinker?

Kinda shocks me when i take this test, only 3 questions and it just surprises me that i couldn't help but to agree with all the personalities mentioned... well almost all..!

Dynamic Thinkers are confident and independent persons. They radiate enthusiasm and energy. Dynamic Thinkers pursue their objectives actively and energetically. They love nothing better than new challenges. This type is the born leader, competent, energetic and responsible. They have a sharp eye for errors and can criticise without mercy if they see the success of a project endangered. They are completely unconcerned as to whether they alienate anyone in the process. But they are always open to objective arguments; they love discussions, they are very gifted rhetorically and they are good at convincing and enthusing others.Not all types can handle the fact, that they may be an appreciated part of your life but never are going to be its only center (So true! Discoevered recently. haha) . You have too many of your own interests, including your career. (yes time isn't enough for me)

There is no question: You belong in every respect to the born leaders among the personality types. Other types may doubt, be insecure about what they expect from life and their partnership - you don’t. You know what you want and take care to get it. This may have a intimidating effect on others and occasionally it will even be described as arrogant. Therefore, not everybody is going to chance approaching you as a potential partner, and you don’t find anything wrong with that. You prefer to be the conqueror rather than be conquered. Besides, your demands of a potential partner are so high that the majority of the people around you would not qualify, anyway (yes and people just do not understand why) . You don’t like to compromise and, where love is concerned, you are not the least bit prepared to negotiate. You prefer to patiently search for someone who really fascinates you.

Adjectives which describe your type
extroverted, theoretical, logical, planning, rational, self-confident, ambitious, direct, open, severe, organised, determined, witty, independent, purposeful, dynamic, energetic, optimistic, competent, responsible, clever, intellectual, enthusiastic, demanding, structured, controlled, aggressive

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