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Friday, February 13, 2009

Single Awareness Day..

First of all... To all the wonderful people outside there, Thank God to all the great miracles you guys have done in my life. YEa this year Valentine's is gonna be so different. Why?
  1. I'm away from kl. Alone in my College in Malacca...
  2. Worst still.. most of my college friends headed back to respective hometowns.. (i have worship practises at the local church here so need to stay back..)
  3. The only girl in this college i thought i could at least spend my valentine's with went back too..
  4. Did not even have the chance to meet a girl during evening's sportstime...
  5. The first time i think that internet access is my everything for the weekend.

Well, yes truly this weekend's valentine's gonna be so irony to what everyone is doing. But true enough, God is Great! I think he wants me to think more about loving myself and Him throughout this emo season x) (i am not that emoish la k!) Well furthermore, i am going to stayovernight in the local church..


Anyways! Am going to type a really long post up tomorrow morning! After reading John C maxwell's book, well, kinda true, i need to appreciate everyone. Every single of them who exist in my life. I will say it one by one tomorrow. Well, just hope that i do not miss out any name.


Owh mom, i know you are reading this, so when are you allowing me to date? x) i am entering University soon, and also going to be 20 soon. Muahaha.Just joking. well God, show me who she is =) A Great Christian Girl who is so into your words and glorifying Your name. Owh well!

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