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Friday, February 13, 2009

My Oscar Award 2009'

I label valentine's day as "Friendship Appreciation Day", well please do not relate it to my singleness =p All right, here goes my oscar award speech! I know most of them would not read, but well just spill it out. Sorry i have to smaller the fonts or not it is going to look very long.....
To My One and Only God.
Dear God, Thanks for this Awesome Life once again. Thanks for the 5 years of official relationship we have.Well even though i know u love me even before i stepped into this humble earth. Thanks for leading me through all types of fears and worries. Thanks for putting me into environments and places where i know who i am today, and where is my actual stand, throughout the past few years. Thanks for the histories stirred in my heart that motivated me to be a History Maker for you. Thanks for dying on the Cross to take my sin away and i shall never sin anymore. Thanks for EVERYTHING.TO my only saviour, King, Teacher, Best Friend, DUde, well.God!
To My Heroin, My Mom.
Hi mom i bet you are reading this now for sure. My mom is a modern mom =p yea she reads my sister's and my blogs, hmm quite a big fan of ours.Anyways, thank you mom for being the first lady of my life. Thanks for bringing me up with the persevere momentum you have and had since the beginning. Thanks for the motivations and guidance ever since Dad divorced. Thanks for the hardtimes and hardships we went through. Thanks for telling me your financial status =p Thanks for reporting to me about the current stock market's price. Thanks for helping yourself and taking care about your health, i would not even imagine myself in malacca if you could not do that. SOrry for being alone at home with two of us at campus life, i promise i will try to get into UM. I have a great mom anyways! Do not worry about financial problems mom =) God will bring us through it as how we have been through for the past few years. Amen!

To My Sister, Rue Hann
Thanks for being the craziest sister i ever had. Owh well remember to put your brother before your boyfriend =p hahah joking joking.Thank God that you are someone strong and a motivation to your brother! Thank you for introducing Aiesec to me =) but i did not promise i will join. haha.Thank you for labelling me as your stress toy at times at home =.=.... Thank you for the weekends notes you hang at my door because i am not able to be back while you can because you are near to house. Well you are 23 already, did not realise you are so old now, and i know we have not written any songs together x) and i did not promise that! haha.

To my relatives, cousins.
Thanks for the awesome excitements during festive seasons and holidays. Family Reunion is definitely something i put before friends.Well i am the 2nd youngest in my mom's side..Truly enough i have learnt splendid things from my cousins.Most of them working and also married. Well thanks for the crazy conversations over msn and the free ride and drinks everytime i hang out with you people! and to my uncles and aunts, thanks for the stretched mind of mine to hear about the conversations of yours regarding to stock markets or politics or even economies.

To my Long Lost ex wife, My J.D Acoustic Guitar.
I miss you seriously. Now i am back to my old wife again, well 5 years old of hers being with me now.Thank You for being there for me to play you x) you are more than a guitar, you are more than the resemblance of music in my life, but you are the one that connects me to God. You are the instrument that squeezes the juice of creativity out of me. I miss your sexy voice. Owh well i am going to get a new wife soon by the way because there is no way for me to bear with my old wife's sound. She sounds horrible x)

To my CG Leader, Racheal Lau (DUMC)
First of all.. to Racheal! My cg leader! Knowing you is truly a privilage! I knew it ever since the first time i met you. Well perhaps 3 years ago when you were a camp commandant? But last year you turned up to be my CG leader! Thanks for the very optimistic attitude of yours.Thanks for the psychology classes and prayers you have with me.Love you so much!!! Thanks for the frequent ride outs to mamak with you.I have learnt A LOT from you. The way you speak, and the way you are. Well, that's what Cg leaders are, and you are doing great! perhaps one of the most impactful person i have ever met =p

To my Cg members (DUMC)
To all of you people, yes i know i am away in malacca and not coming to CG frequently, but you dudes and babes are always in my heart.Christina! yea you pretty baby! well,met you in the cg retreat 2006 i think. The few first people.. you rock wei! continue to burn for God! Germaine! Well another hot baby in my cg x) yea continue to dance passionately for God, don't so stress over studies la...and also update your blog! I like the way you write! To Robin, Yo dude, looks like i have known you since standard 5 primary, you have a huge thirst in your heart to know more about God and the way we are, keep it up dude! Kenn QUan, i have seen a radicle change in you over the year. last year i mean.I like the way you are now,Big question marks everytime appearing during Cg lessons, owh well! keep it up! Victor Peh, You are the very first guy i have seen with your own style =) don't ask me what is that. haha.But you are cool dude!It is nice to analyze the way you do your conversations =). To Chian Hui,Another primary school friend of mine.You are the Worship leader!!!well small in size perhaps, but big in the heart for God! I did not expect us to come across in DUMC after such a long time of knowing you =) Well only if i stayed back in KL study, then i might be your guitarise x) and to all other members, you people rock too! We are the oldest CG members in XYZ wei! let's plan a road trip! x)

To my ex Classmates (5 Angsana)
The world is too small for us ya. Few flew to aussie, another flew to india, another flew to states... and then soon everyone scattered around. Anyways, i have always appreciated the two years of memories we have. The crazy bunch of us with all types of personalities in one class, truly.I only manage to keep in touch with some of you people, well not everyone of course, Perhaps another class gathering soon to come? And just you know that, whereever you are right now, i wish my best to you to strive for the excellence for your future =)

To my beloved ex CF (SMKDJ)
This was the place i truly found myself, where all my life began.The 5 years in this place is not a waste for sure. It is more than a Christian Fellowship society. Why? even seniors as old as 5 years still visits. So am i.I pray for the best that this CF may continue to stand firm and steadfast for His kingdom. I have seen a lot of individuals being impacted by the daily doings of cfers.Continue to stay strong comrades! Will visit you people when i am back! and yea i feel so old when i was back in january =.=

To my beloved current Cf (KMM)
Thanks for the lovely thursdays escape from Surau meetings. Nice to know you bunch of guys and girls coming together in the name of God every thursday. Owh well,i label this cf as one of the most challenging moment for me, haha it takes up a juice of patience to manage christians from different languages, streams, and perspective, but one thing in common that we can be together, Jesus Christ! Thanks for the cooperation to manage camp, which is in one month time, thanks for the frequent prayers we do together. Well right now, i wish you people the best of what you can be with our heavenly father along with our side. May us be the shinning light in this so called muslim college. Amen!

To my friends in College (KMM)
I expected this college to be a one impact-filled experience. and God did not fail me. Everyone of you, came from all around malaysia, from all religions, backgrounds, races, and most importantly, your different personalities. This is something i have truly sought after, something that put me into another stage of self make-over. Thanks for every single one of you.I have learnt to love every single one of you, which is something i did not expect to do so at first, people label me as a very active guy, cyber freak with this blog, sportsman, and also smart, but whatever, i do not care about that, even though some of you said that you are lousy at everything, when i look into you,i see how different each one of you in the way you live your life out, it is something i could not see in KL.People here are more humble seriously, something that has caused me to be humble for good as well. and just so i realised, i am quite blessed that... i did not hear the f word for a VERY long time. thank God for this place.

To the Salesperson Department in IKEA.
Thank you for the awesome short workin experience in IKEA. I truly appreciate for the different definition of working style there. It is not like any other retail shops part time jobs. It is all about inter staffs communication and many other things which i think i could not learn in other places. Designing, Phone Operator, Handyman, and the place there! owh my goodness.It is one of the most happiest moment in my life working there. I like you people there! The way you smile everyday without failing. Just everyone! owh goodness! keep up the good job! and give me discounts when i shop la x) see if this coming holidays i will be working...

To LYPG (Local Youth Prayer Gathering) MYPG members
Hi i know i am still new to LYPG and most likely no one will read what is written here.Going to the first ever LYPG meeting and being part of the KLPJLYPG team is something really extraordinary. It is like the first meeting ever together with leaders from other churches, for the very first time, i call this unity. Well but many stuffs need to do =) and do not worry for God is with you people! Shall catch you people the next meeting! To marcus in Kulim LYPG and Mariel in Malacca LYPG too! Roll on for JC!

To the bloggers in The BLogsphere
Shake up the blogsphere dudes and babes! Whether you are a blogger about anything... photography? personal? politics? tech gadgets? group events? Owh well, just everything! just make sure to put the sphere into the blogsphere, the world needs to know that Blogging is not just any wasting of time but the current, positive media publicity method. And yes many negative thoughts about it have been around ya. Blogging is very powerful for me, so you are too! It is pretty nice to have you people all around the world to exchange ideas. So yes thanks for the little ideas that stretched my knowledge!

TO my very special Crush
Owh yes there you go, obviously you do not know who i am, just simply because i am making it a long term effort and i am not 100% sure yet if God is really asking me to go after you. Well, you have always been a motivator, no words needed for it. Just the way you are and the way you live up your life, makes me ponder a lot about myself too. Well chasing after you is not something recent, has been since years. I could not find anyone else that matches you. I am talking about personalities, people just say love comes with feelings nothing else, i take that as wrong,because i think your personalities are the ones that attracted me the most. Who you are in God's eyes, and who you are in your own opinion. God knows what is going to happen. Happy Valentine's!

To Julien Lim
Hi bestie! so how is stuff with that guy? x) anyways nice to know you going well with our heavenly papa. I did not know how everything happened that fast anyways.. how you suddenly pop out attending my church.. and now...seldom come =.=. Owh well,but i guess many interesting clashes of our histories did bring us together ya? Best of wishes to my bestie! you must enjoy college life!!!Thanks for some parts of which you would not understand of yourself that made me ponder a lot too... haha.

To Yi Ming (TAYLORS)
Hi budak! so guess we have known each other for 4 years right? I respect you lady =p for being musical talented. And i mean... talented!!! piano and classical guitar at the top form.. and what else now? Drums? and your self written songs? =p nice to know you roll into the music world completely. Well with the exception of Lee Hom being your husband x) ALways say you are strong all right! It's just within yourself,how you see things around you, and owh well, we went one whole big round ya? =p

To Michelle Kin (KMM)
Yesh you lady! Ignore the rumours around college about us. Haha.Seriously, hardly any other girls i can really seriously speak to except you. Because you are english spoken and from KL! and yes perception from different backgrounds matters. Thanks for the lovely notes anyways.Well, many things i have discovered of yours did reveal to me one simple fact in life- trust.And that really gave me a big smack in my face =p Thank You so much for being there!

To Ming Ren, Yi Ling, and Kelgin (KMM)
Thanks for the crazy moments we have during Lectures, and most importantly x) thanks for signing my attendance when i ponteng lectures. I have an awesome time playing a fool with you people and have lunch everyday... well you three are the ones which i meet every weekday since Matric began, half day with you guys.Yes we know everyone from front to back and head to feet.We know every single tiny little secrets of ours.It has been a nice time to involve into projects with 4 of us in one group. well 4 sounds nice isn't it? I could not believe how much more exciting my college life would be without you people. Each one of you with different tales and stories x)

To Joanne Gan (KDU)
heh you China girl! yes i remembered you called me from China when i was form... 3 i think? Very young of you. Yes now 17 and what? second year of diploma in KDU? man that is just too much for a young child like you x) Well it is very nice to know that you are indulging yourself into a new belief. 5 Years of knowing you and i have seen a huge change in you, well not only in terms of maturity, but yes with the personality of yours to think even further compared to the years before. Well and cut the guys parts out x) Anyways, will pray about stuffs between you and him! Hugz! you have not visited my church yet! ahaha.

To Chin Egg
Thanks for being one of the most insane sms budak i have ever had. Yes la i know digi to digi very cheap. Even report the whole day what you have done to me pulak. And your little tiny viny secrets that drove your girl's hormone around.Well do not worry about life so much la as you said about living life to the fullest. You are doing fine with your form 5 life. You are having the very same thought i had during form 5.and owh ya and about the life questions that drew us around. Well thanks for the little motivation that we need to depend on each other. Thanks for being someone who is trying to live out her life out loud. Yes and you shall wait patiently for him x)

To Racheal (KDU)
you are one Shinning little child for God! I have not had any long talk with you yet except during my birthday. haha. Well just met you in a driving exam and guess know what? you matter a lot to me! I see the way you are in your blog. owh well, except the normal camwhoring part where all girls do. Many things left undiscovered about you yet, well pretty sure will know more about it soon when i get a proper heart to heart talk to you =) And i know it is so worth to be your close friend, because, well, you are just another history maker in God's way!

To Wendee Lim (KMM)
Thanks for showing me some of the strangest style any girl would have. You are truly someone who has the one of the most profound attitude and thoughts, and the special part of you is that no one realises it until they talk to you. Thanks for all the wisdom biblical words you have for me, thanks for being the badminton player who got bullied by me all the time.(well you did not improve x) ) Thanks for being part of the Cf committee. THanks the lame part of yours with your vivacious, flawless attitude to charm one's environment up. You rock girl!

To Kimberly (US)
Heh Kimmy! I am quite certain that you would not read this though. But yea time passes by in a blink of an eye =p 4 years ago seeing you looking at me blur blur in Msia, and now what? in States? well bet you miss the nasi lemak here! need a frozen delivery? =p Thanks for the very nice lectures of yours about the life in states =p and well you still look so malaysianish la.. ahaha.

To OTHERS, well who did not see your name here..
Sorry for that anyways, Perhaps i am a little tired and short of words to say about everyone x) Well do tell me if i miss out your name =) But just no matter who you are and as long i know you, even not by name but look, and even the few words we speak, Heh! you do matter to me! Because every tiny words of yours, might be a powerful word that could change my perspective. THanks.
Yes, You, Do Matter TO Me.

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  1. i take the part "strangest style any girl would have" as a compliment. and the lame part too! i make lame as my name and game... guess its paying off. haha. thank u for the oscar award!