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Monday, February 2, 2009

Matriculation VS STPM

I am referring the following post to the response of 'Matriculation Vs STPM' post in the education malaysia blog by TOny Pua at the date of September 26, 2005.
After many controversial topics and comments in His Blog, i decided to spill out my notions and concerns towards all the bloggers' comments in the blog.
you mght want to refer to the discussion and unnecessary arguments there.
Matriculation vs STPM?
What Do You Think?
A brief introducion
As far as i know, there are only two ways to ener local universities, they are the Local Matriculation and STPM (Sijil Tinggi Pendidikan Malaysia). Or the other way is the entrance to diploma courses into Local universities directly after SPM.
Quick View of Matriculation Programme
THere are 9 Matriculation Colleges currently all around in Malaysia with 3 more to be introduced next year. The course of Matriculation is one year, from early of may towards ending of april in the following year. College fees are as much as Rm200+, but then the following year accomodation is fully covered with the allowance of Rm1.25k per semester to every student. It's a full campus life which required students to stay in.
Quick View of STPM.
Sorry i will not be able to give any detailed information of STPM because i am a Matriculation Student. However, surface details are as following. STPM takes place in government schools as you know, and students are not required to stay in campus life as STPM is just like the same as form 5 education life in terms of school holidays and you do not stay in the school. The course is 1.5 year.
Both courses are measured by CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). and both of the courses available them to enter Local Universities.
Problem and controversies?
The debate over the use of matriculation examinations as entry requirements into local universities as opposed to the Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) will continue to plague our higher education system unless the government has a transparent report and statistics about current matriculation's students performance mentioned in public. However during the year 2005, Pn Rubaayah Osman, the Public Relations Officer of the MOE (Ministry of Higher Education) shouted out her view.

Although there are two entry examinations – Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia
(STPM) and Matriculation – used for entrance to public universities, both are on
par in terms of standards, curriculum and credit hours. It is not true that one
is tougher than the other. This is a matter of perception.'

Many people suggested that the key problem is about the level of qualification and toughness of STPM and Matriculation. Many of which saying that STPM course is harder and longer than Matriculation but they are still both the same pathways towards Local Universities. Some of them insisted that MOE should have a single examination to determine the entrance to Local Varsities. However, Pn Rubaayah argued that
"if every one is convinced about the fairness and effectiveness of one system,
then it should be applied to all including having a single type of school rather
than National, Chinese and Tamil schools."

Enough Of Arguments, My Say!
I am a student from Matriculation from the 2008/2009 batch, and it seems that even after 4 years of discussion (The post from TOny P was in 2005), No one can be fully convinced that the both courses are fairly same. I bet to deviate from that concept too, they are not the same at all, they do not lead the students to the same path afterall, it's just the matter of your personal perception to accept whether Matriculation or STPM is better, just the matter which path you belong too.
TO be honest, i am unclear about the MOE's plan with the both courses right now, regarding to quota and all other rumours outside there about the intake prosses, i am not TOny Pua who knows about these informations. But these are my thoughts.Both of the programmes have their pros and corns.

STPM is harder than Matriculation. I personally have viewed both syllabus and totally agree with it. However one point about matriculaion syllabus is the ability to cope with the constant rushing of syllabus. well, STPM will prepare you harder for University First year, based on my sister who went through STPM, she mentioned that STPM out beat Matriculation students during the first year. ANd also, talking about full score and CGPA for matriculation and STPM, matriculation has thousands of them, while STPM has only.. less than hundred i think per year. My last semester for example, out of 254 non bumi students, 161 students got 4 flat while out of 2000 plus of bumi students, 64 of them got 4 flat. You see the difference between these 2 programmes? I STRONGLY urge the government to review the syllabus of Matriculation or even extend it to 1.5 year as well, the reasons why many students fail is because they are unable to catch up with the syllabus.

STPM is more recognized in many overseas ivy leagues rather than Matriculation of course.While there are chances for Matriculation students to go overseas to further their studies, i believe that the chances are still rare, the most i have heard is Medic or Dental courses in the Russia or Indonesia. And there is no doubt that STPM is the 3rd hardest exam in the world.
It's very Hard for Non-bumiputras to enter Matriculation Programme. Yes indeed, in my current college, the figure still stands 10%.While for STPM, you enter easily i think.
It's easier for Matriculation students to get their wanted course rather than STPM students. This is a rumour, i do not have the evidence,but based on many testimonies from the seniors, it seems that Matriculation is always given the priority before hand than STPM students to enter the course they wanted in Local Varsities.
Matriculation students have allowance from government while STPM not. and i am actually able to survive through this programme by the fund alone without parents supporting. However, my suggestion is that the government should cut down the allocation of budget to the matriculation system, i have seen a lot of unnecessary spendings on various events in my college, not to mention, especially EATING, and wasting like no one cares.
SO, if you want to challenge yourself and continue your studies abroad? Then go for STPM. You can get a place in Local Uni too of course,but they say hardly get the course you want.
And if you are sure about your plan to continue your education in Malaysia, then go for Matriculation. But again, If you get the chance to enter Matriculation.
But remember, it's all personal's statements and views, you might have a different opinions if you come to Matriculations, you can always contact and email me at special_starz_371@hotmail.com for more detailed lifestyle you face in Matriculation College. FOr me, just one word, awesome.

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